Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013

Love the weather this morning. Cloudy and cool.

I ordered a free sample of some organic rabbit food last night that I want to try on the boys. I can't find any rabbit pellets like I used to get when I raised rabbits in the '80s. Even the organic on the store shelves is mostly cheap filler not fit for the compost heap (soybean hulls - really)!! I ordered from Sherwood Forest (perfect for Robin and Sheriff!) and their food has only about nine ingredients and none of it is filler. And, the pellets are truly green ... not the faded green or brown stale-looking pellets from the store. And, even with shipping, the price is comparable to buying at the store. I feed them very little pellets, mostly fresh foods and organic meadow hay. They haven't had any pellets for about two weeks, which is fine. But, there are times when I can't get the fresh food right away and they need some back-up besides the hay, especially with 'weed' season nearly over (any weeds that grow in our yard go to the bunnies.)

Finished getting the old caulk off the door and all the screws are replaced. I hope to re-caulk tomorrow after work, if I'm not home too late. And, I have a very bruised knuckle ... darn hammer ... arnica and ice for the rest of the day ... after I get the old carpet from the deck in the garbage can, somehow ...

There is a really nice breeze out today. I'd love to do more outside, but I still have a ton of other things I need to do ...

Having a Canadian bacon sandwich on rye bread with organic cheddar cheese and red pepper flakes for lunch. Mmm.

Third load of laundry in the washer. Have 2 or 3 more loads I want to get done today. Washing lots of bedding today. Haven't done that in a while.

Damn! John Barrowman and Scott Gill are going to Sutter's Fort in Sacramento. My luck, if I left now, they'd be gone by the time I got there! They are having a fun little vacation, travelling around by car. I love John's tweets.

Getting all of my old electronics, etc. piled in the living room to get them ready to pile in the car next week to take to the recycle place. They pay for 'junk' electronics and old TVs at a place I pass by in Sacramento. So far, I have the old big TV, the old monitor, 2 scanners, and 1 3-in-1 printer ... I probably have more around here somewhere ... I hope to take them on Tuesday.

I had to move my opening date from September to December for my website store. With all the work I need to do on the house in the next few weeks, along with my regular work, there's just no time to concentrate on building the website! Sucks.

I'll be buying the paint for the house on Thursday. I'll most likely paint the shed next weekend. I'll be bringing my eBike into the house, as I will have to take the shed door off to replace the hardware (hinges, lock, etc.) I'll be buying new hardware, too. Just so much to do!

Ugh. There is a mis-charge on my new CC account! It's in the pending section, so if it is still there tomorrow, I'll have to dispute it. $75.00 at the gas station! It is right under the actual charge I made! And, I don't have the receipt for my actual charge! Damn!

I just bought a bottle of trace minerals to add to my water. Water is so stripped and processed these days that there are no good minerals left in it. I already add pure sea salt, but the extra minerals should help, too.

Time to watch a silent movie - Intolerance - Love's Struggle Through The Ages. It's from 1916!!

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