Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Robin and Sheriff had some 'outside their cage' time this morning. Robin has a habit of jumping out when the door is open (a 2-foot drop!) So, I just let Sheree out, too. Nikky and Ezra had fun running around with them. Sheree is easy to put back in the cage. Just set one of the food bowls on the floor and there he is. He's all about the food! But, Robby has to be chased down and captured! Spent 20 minutes trying to get him back in.

Looks like my CC over-charge got corrected. That's good.

I found out a great thing today when I went to the co-op after work. They offer what's called 'bunny boxes'! This is the leftover cuttings, organic veggies that fall on the floor and can't be sold, etc. that would otherwise just go in the garbage. You get a box and they fill it for you. OMG! My spoiled rabbits will be eating well for the next week. I am going to try to get a box every week for them. The best part ... it's FREE!! They really pack the box full, too. I just finished cutting enough to fill 3 gallon-sized bowls and the box is still full! I know some of it will go bad before it's used, so next time, I'll know not to grab such a big box for them to fill. But, it sure will help me with the cost of their food. I spend at least $15 a week feeding them fresh food, plus $14.05 a week on the organic meadow hay ... so, it gets really expensive to feed 2 buck rabbits real food.
Whew. I just ordered a bunch of books! Both of Chris Colfer's Land of Stories series. John Barrowman's Bone Quill (2nd in his Hollow Earth series - I already have the first) and I pre-ordered Exodus Code (his first book in the Torchwood world.) I also got the tenth book in the Supernatural series and 4 books for my mom.

Got another damn letter from the county just like the one a few months ago, saying that my mom is no longer getting Medi-Cal as she failed to complete the redetermination process. Whatever! I thought this was cleared up already! If not, they should have contacted us sooner than 5 days before it ends!! Arrrgh. Like I have time to deal with this by Friday ...

Ugh. I can't believe my book order has a ship date of 9/24 on all of the books when only one of them is a pre-order. They should all be in stock! Great. My mom's going to bug me for a month about 'when are my books coming ...'

Trying to win a 32GB micro SD card for my new camera, on eBay. I thought I had one, but can't find it. I can find the regular-sized SD cards, but not that one.

Yay. I won the micro SD card! I'll be able to take more than two pictures at a time on the camera, now!

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