Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

Whew. It's hot out there. I got home from work about an hour ago and have been outside most of that time. I stopped at Home Depot for a couple of samples of the paint I want on the house. So, I was testing it on different surfaces, since it has to cover both wood and aluminum siding. It doesn't look bad. I really like the gray. And, the red isn't too bad. It matches the fence inserts I put in earlier this year. It's not really as red as it looks in this picture. That's the door of my shed - the red is just going to frame the door, the rest will be gray with black hardware. The paint covers really well. I hope to get the shed painted over the weekend. I decided that I'm just going to paint by brush. I'm tired of trying to rely on others. I don't care how long it takes, I'm doing it all myself a little at a time.
I took the old monitor, 3-in-1 printer and 2 scanners to the recycler this morning. I got a whole $3 for them! :( But, at least they will get processed safely, I would hope.  Couldn't find Martin this morning to help me load the old TV in the car, though. So, it will have to wait until next week. I did just now get it out to the deck with my mom's help. We put it on the floor and then I drug it out the door. That old thing is heavy! But, at least it is out of here. So, she can rearrange the other furniture the way she wants ...

Having leftovers of some sort tonight. Can't decide which I want ... I'm not really hungry. I had a cacao/banana smoothie about an hour ago.

Nikky had a banana and chicken feet for dinner! She is stuffed and sleeping now.

I just got offered about ten new-to-me stores on my route. I chose 6 and am giving up 2 others that I've wanted to drop for a while. Helps compact my route a little more, so I'm not traveling so far to just do one store here or there. These new stores are all close to other stores I already do.

I've decided that my indoor winter project will be replacing the flooring. I'll start in the living room. I can't wait to get rid of the damn carpeting. I hate carpet!

Must eat something ...

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