Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28. 2013

Wow. Got the bill for our space rent and the water portion is nearly double what it usually is. Glad I won't have to wash the trailer again any time soon!
Just got done unloading 3 bookshelf units from the car that I bought at Big Lots. $30 each. I'll start putting them together later. We've needed them for a while. I can finally get rid of all the mix of old milk crates I've used for years. Some of them we've had since we had the restaurant in the '80s! My books will actually be on bookshelves soon!! I need to get 3 more before the end of the ad, too ...

I will be getting the paint tomorrow and start on painting the shed and changing out its old hardware. I can't wait really. But, there is a sale that starts tomorrow, so I will wait.  I'm off until next Tuesday. So, I hope to get a lot done.

I now have 30 stores on my route! My manager is still trying to find someone to take 2 of my stores that I want to drop. So, if she can, I'll have 28 stores. If not, I will keep them ... I need the money, anyway ...

My trace minerals arrived. Adding them to my water jugs. Took me a while to find a good quality source. This one is called ConcenTrace and has 72 trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake. Everyone that doesn't get their water from a spring should get something like this to add to their water (it can be added to juice or any other cold liquid, too.) We are all deficient in many of the trace minerals we should be getting.

I just finished putting one of the shelf units together. I'm updating my Vista laptop now and using it. We are moving stuff back into the big living room. I'll be moving my office back in here slowly over the next week or so. Right now, I'm just sitting on the couch. My mom is re-organizing all the VHS tapes and DVDs ... I can't believe how many things are already out-of-date on this laptop.

Ezra is having fun running through all the rooms and finding all of his toys that are strewn everywhere.

Time for Criminal Minds, then CSI!

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