Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013

8 am
Got bills paid and grocery shopping done yesterday. This morning, we take Ezra to get his rabies shot. Poor boy. If I didn't have to show proof of vaccines with the park management (a copy is kept in our file), I wouldn't bother since he is never outside unless in a pen or on a harness/leash and never unsupervised ... then, when we get home it's cage-cleaning time for the rabbits and doves and vacuuming. I hope to get a bunch of stuff sorted for GoodWill and taken out to the car later today. Have lots of stuff I want to get rid of (since we didn't have a yard sale) that I don't want to put in my Bonanza shop.

Ezra was a good boy (after I clipped his nails and brushed him - he was mad about that ...) So, he is good and legal for another year. I'll give the office a copy of his certificate on Monday.

I made my mom come with us, as I had to stop at the Pet Factory to pick up the organic hay for the rabbits that they ordered for me and didn't want to take him all the way home and then come back out. So, I was able to leave him in the car with the air on and not worry since she was with him.

Got home and started cleaning cages. The doves are done and out on the deck. The rabbits are out on the deck, but I still need to get their trays clean. Floors are done. But, I will finish their cages after I finish my BACON! I need to get more on Monday. This is the last of it. :( I forgot to get more yesterday when we went shopping.

Cages are done. Critters are back inside. Load of laundry running in the washer.

Got the new wiper blades on the car. Straightened up my work supplies in the trunk.
Put the cat carrier back in the shed.
Time to hang up the laundry on the line.

Going to BBQ later. Pork leg roast and sweet potatoes.

Sorting through bins and getting stuff bagged for GoodWill now.

All the laundry is in and put away.
Dinner was great and I am stuffed!
Got 3 bags and 2 boxes of donations in the car. Will go through some more things tomorrow.

Just waiting for the ashes in the BBQ to cool off.

I have 3 swaps due later this week, so I need to get those sorted in the next couple of days, so I can mail on Wed.

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