Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Arrgh. It's hot! I'm sweating buckets. I just got done changing the lock on the shed door. I also painted some of the other hardware (house numbers, screws, lock, nuts and bolts ...) I had to improvise and make my own bolts as I couldn't find the right size at the hardware stores this morning. So, I bought 2 three-foot threaded rods and hack-sawed them to size. Put a cap nut on one end and a wing nut on the other. Worked great! Did a second coat of gray on the door and the red on the lintel and side panels. It's starting to look nice. Tomorrow, I'll get the door hinges changed out and the bolts made for them.
Now, I start moving furniture to get my craft room and office set up in the big living room again ... fun ...
What a mess!

I am so damn tired. Moving furniture around is exhausting. But, my office is starting to look good, even though it is very hard to tell by the pic below. Can't do more until I put another bookshelf together.
It's organized chaos! ;)

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