Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013

I don't feel like I accomplished much with the shed today ... It is just so damn muggy or hot or something. I was sweating buckets within minutes! It's only about 86F right now, but feels hotter. Humidity is only 37% ... hmmm. But, with my mom's help, we got the middle hinge off the door. Then, I painted over that area and also the left panel beside the door. I'll put the new hinge on tomorrow and do the second coat on that side. And, try to remove another hinge ... I need to move the box that covers the main drain connection and paint it at some point. It's all slowly coming along. Once I get the hardware replaced, the rest of the shed is easy to do. The touch-ups and edging will be last. I also have the little section of wooden fence to pull out, too ...
Going to have a smoothie for lunch, then clean cages. After that, I'll be putting the other 2 bookshelves together.

Oh, and this morning I went and got the hay for the bunnies and stopped at the post office and store. So, busy day already ...

I only got one bookshelf together. I'll do the other tomorrow. Only have 4 milk crates left to empty. Room is already looking a bit less disorganized ... kind of ...
Oh, and I finally put the bicycle cart together. I love it. It is so much more sturdy than the one that was stolen. It's made much better than the other. It even has a solid floor. And, it cost less than the other one. So, they make carts better for dogs than for kids ... hmmm.

Until I am done with the shed, the ebike and cart stay in the house.
Nikky wants to know if it's time to go out, yet.
Going to watch the original The Blob movie tonight!

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