Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013

It's been a nice, lazy day, so far.
Got one load of laundry done.
Got a few more things together for GoodWill.
Picked up my mom's new TV that arrived earlier than expected. I'll be hooking it up after lunch.
Making a smoothie for lunch.

Got my mom's TV hooked up. It's very computerish ...
Also, disovered her toilet leaks ... so, have to get new innards for the tank tomorrow. Hers' are all rusty/corroded. Who knows how long there's been a leak. She didn't notice it 'running'. Fairly easy fix. I replaced mine when we moved in.

Just ordered more airtime and service days for my cell phone. I don't really need the minutes, but the service days are almost up ...

I'm only working 2 days this week, so I hope to get more screws replaced in the siding. I got the skirting edge done last week. Next is the eaves. Fun. Ladder work ...

I sure wish I'd had the money to go to the first Magnificent Seven convention this weekend. I would have loved to have met Anthony Starke (aka Ezra P. Standish - my cat's namesake.) Oh, well. I'll never get down to L.A. even though it may become a yearly thing ... But, I did finally download the Magnificent Seven theme as my ringtone!

And, for those who think Stargate is my main fandom love. Uh-uh. It's Mag7! And, it was long before Stargate arrived.

I think I need to watch some tonight after I watch a silent movie.

Time for dinner! Pork shoulder steak, steamed broccoli (my mom used the NuWave and burned the florets ...) with melted raw cheddar cheese & red pepper flakes, and raw milk. Mmmmm.

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