Friday, August 9, 2013

August 8, 2013

I spent the morning replacing all the innards of my mom's toilet. What fun! Took almost 4 hours! The bolts that held the tank were so corroded, I finally had to wiggle a hacksaw between the tank and the pedestal and saw through the bolt. Putting it all back together was a breeze and only took about 20 minutes. Working perfectly now.

I vacuumed all the rooms and did a load of laundry, too. Plus, got two swaps together, packaged, to mail tomorrow.

I've finally decided on a new design for my online shop. I haven't touched the shop in a couple years and I really need to overhaul everything! Anyway, it is a picture of Robin when we first got him. Some of you have seen my Twitter icon. That's the pic I'm gonna sell on stuff.

I really need to get a new camera. One with a rechargable battery ... do they even make those? I have to look into that. I want to get some nice pics of the critters and some of my flowers to use as design bases. I need to start making money online again.

I changed one of my YahooGroups again. I've revived my old QuinGem's Creations group. I closed it years ago. I'm surprised I was able to use the same address name. So, no more healthy food group, although I'll probably still share that kind of thing, too. The occasional new Incredimail stationery. But, it will mainly still be my blog and crafts and stuff for sale that I share there ... eh. So, if you're interested -

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