Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013

It's Friday! Time to go to the farm for some fresh milk. Need to pick up hay for the bunnies at the pet shop around the corner (they special order organic meadow hay for me.) Will drop off the swaps at the post office, too. When I get home, I'll start replacing those screws in the awning and along the eaves. The temps are nice outside today.

Damn. I'm broke already. Over $60. to fill up the Camry gas tank!!! Ugh. My first time filling it up. Now to see how long that lasts. Hopefully, two weeks since it has a bigger tank than the Tercel had.

Making a smoothie for lunch. I'm addicted to the cacao/banana. Then outside to work on replacing those missing/rusted screws. I need to clear the potted plants off of the deck, too. Martin is finally going to wash the other side of the house, he said ...

Well, wonderful. Did you know there is a 'funny bone' in your knee? I hit mine on the faucet head, getting off the ladder when I was done replacing all the screws in the door frame of the water heater closet. It was missing half of them. Anyway, that ended my work outside. I'm dying. Took 2 willow bark capsules, a nerve tonic caplet, put arnica gel on my knee and now an ice pack and it's still killing me. The pain is shooting up my femur into my hip. It's been nearly 30 minutes and it's not letting up ...

Robin and Sheree are having their first taste of cantaloupe. It's a winner.

I'm still in a lot of pain. My kneecap is really mad. Huge bruise. Can't touch it. Or, bend it ...

Mmmm. Chicken. Eating half a bird for dinner. Had a bit of cantaloupe, too. I don't really like melons.

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I'm looking into a free and easy shopping cart to use on my QuinGem's Creations blog. I'm thinking about ZenCart, but if there's a better free one, I'd like to know about it.

I am no longer visiting Google+ or Facebook, directly. I just don't have time to go through all the posts. I do have them set up for cross-posting with Twitter, though. So, you'll still see some posts from me there. And, I do check when comments/notifications, etc. come through my email.

I can't believe my knee is still killing me. I even resorted to taking acetominophen ... now my tongue is numb (it's a side effect I always get with that crap.) But, it didn't help. :( So, looks like my plans for working outside over the weekend are shot. BUT! I will hopefully get some work done on my website and setting up a selling page on it if I can find a cart I like!

Going to soak my feet in Epsom salts. It may help the pain in my knee. Epsom salts is magnesium, which is good for your joints/bones.

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