Friday, September 20, 2013

September 20, 2013

Took a bit of a break from the blog, but I'm back. Did ya miss me!? I didn't think so. Ha!
Anyway, today I finished the shed!!!! Finally! Those old hinges were a bitch to get off! Looks nice with the new ones!
I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow (mainly clean cages, go to the store, get the hay I forgot to get today ...) so won't get to painting the house until Sunday! I'm doing the back wall first, I think. That is facing the street outside the mobile home park (there is a sound wall behind us, but can still see the house over the wall, which you can kind of see in the pic above.)

Nikky feels awful. She has a bad tummy ache. She threw up during the night a few times and earlier today, too. Drinking water, but doesn't want to eat. Tried giving her some milk kefir, but she didn't want that, either.

Speaking of milk kefir! Mine is doing great! I just started making it a couple weeks ago and almost can't keep up with it, the kefir grains keep multiplying! And, OMG! Kefir smoothies are sooo good. I'm having one for a late lunch right now. Kefir in place of the milk.

My cousin Curtis is back from his vacation. He was gone about 2 weeks with a group of friends to see the Grand Canyon and some other sights that he'd never seen before (he's 54.) I think he really enjoyed it. But, now he is back, he has scheduled his heart surgery. He has had heart problems most of his life (congenital, but discovered at age 20!!!) and has had several valve surgeries. The valves over the years have messed up a lot of his circulatory system and he now has an aortic embolism that he's lucky hasn't blown out yet. So, he's getting that fixed and another new valve (this time it is the kind where he won't have to take Coumadin - rat poison - to keep his blood thin for the first time in 32 years!) So, that will happen on Oct. 2.

Work has been keeping me busy. I gave up 2 of my stores, so I could take over 5 other stores. I think it is working out pretty good. The 2 I gave up were out pretty far and not near any of my other stores. And, the 5 new ones are close to other stores I already service. Tightens my route up a bit. And, it's allowing me to sometimes just work 3 days a week, rather than 4 since there is a bit less driving, even though I have more stores. There is one more store I 'might' still give up. Haven't decided on that one yet.

I'm making this - Omelet Muffins - for dinner. I just took the bacon out of the oven and drained the grease to spread in the muffin cups. I'm subbing kefir for the mayo (I don't own any mayo - yuck.)

Very nice breeze keeping things cool today. It's 84F - ten degrees less than yesterday at this time. Supposed to rain tomorrow, so wind may push some clouds our way soon. It's been sunny and clear all day.

Dinner was very good. We also had baked apples filled with pecan butter. Mmmm. And, raw milk.
And, the clouds are rolling in. Yay!

I must make sun tea tomorrow - if the sun is out - more raw milk kefir and some lemonade. Maybe some hard-boiled eggs, too ...

Ugh. Someone in the neighborhood is trying to play the horn/trumpet ... had to close my windows to try to buffer the noise ... and there is such a nice breeze I had blowing through the house ...

Yay! The Re-Wilding WISH Summit has started. Love listening to these podcasts, especially with Daniel Vitalis! Looking forward to the next pods in this series over the next few days. My mom is even starting to listen to them!

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