Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013

Today is going to be a lazy day, I think. It rained overnight and looks like it might rain more later. Have all the windows open and a nice breeze. Wish I didn't have to do anything. But, I have to get hay for the bunnies since I forgot yesterday and need to buy them some veggies since I don't want to go all the way to the co-op today for a free 'bunny box'. Ezra needs food, too. Then, I have the doves' and bunnies' cages to clean ... Fun. Other than that, I'm not doing anything else ... ha ...

It's raining, it's pouring! I love it! Just got finished with the cages. Got the shopping done early. Found some great greens for Robin and Sheriff. They are chowing down, now! Still have to scrub the floor under their cages, but waiting on the wash as I ran out of the towels I use for that.

Going to start on the next batch of kefir and some lemonade after lunch. I'll have another kefir smoothie today. Mmmm. No sun tea today. ;)

Floors are done. Laundry is done. Kefir cacao/banana/strawberry smoothie is being consumed. I put a bit too much maca powder in it ... but, it's still good! (I put some nutmeg, maca powder and hemp seeds in it for an extra kick.)
And, it's still pouring rain! Yay! My mom had to close her bedroom window or her bed would have gotten wet!

It's only 61F right now and I still have socks on. I might close the door to cut off a bit of the breeze in here.

Nikky is feeling a LOT better today. Yesterday, she wouldn't even look at the little bowl of kefir I gave her. Today, she licked the lids and jars (as far down as her tongue would reach!) and spoon I had used for my smoothie. And, wanted more! I'll give her a little bowl-ful later.

A few of you had wondered how much the bunnies have grown. Well, Robin stopped growing a month or so ago, but I think Sheree has not stopped. He is HUGE. Not that tiny thing I found that barely covered my hand! I do believe he is a California cross. Here's pics.
Robin - 6.5 months
Sheriff - 4.5 months
OMG! I had THE best little furry helper when I made kefir! Nikky had fun licking everything clean! Of course, everything will get scrubbed later. Lucky I have a LOT of jars!
And, the grains have nearly doubled! I started out using only 4 jars and am now up to 7! I need more milk! ;)
Thunder!!! And, it's still raining! Love it! Too light out to see any lightning, though.
Had a yummy dinner. Buffalo bacon cheeseburger! My mom mixed jalapeno jelly in the burger; fried in butter. Then topped with cheese. Add bacon, tomato and wrap in a big Romaine lettuce leaf. Mmmm. Good.

Oh, wow. I've been trying to find an email service that will allow me to receive .exe files. I just found my very first email service ( is still in business. I logged in and my account is still there, even though I haven't used it in over ten years! But, sadly it doesn't offer POP-forwarding ...

Severe thunderstorm warning just issued for my area. Still raining. We've had a great rain day here. It's so rare these days ... especially thunderstorms.

Rain is all gone. Clouds are gone. Stars shining.

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