Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Not sure what's up with Google+. I can't get the page to stay up. It starts to load and then blinks out. Just a blank white page. Started doing that last night. I can get into all the other Google stuff - Blogger, GMail, etc. Just not G+ ... I've restarted the computer, cleared cache, etc. No joy.

Just finished re-caulking the carport door finally. Waiting for it to cure before I can paint over it on Wed. I'm going to paint the water heater closet door in a few minutes.

Viola gave me another store to do this week in Sacramento, so I will do that tomorrow when I do my other two stores. It is what I call a 'limbo' store. One that is not permanently assigned to a rep, so anyone can do them.

Annnnd, I have another new store!!! It opens in Davis next week on Thurs. (10/3) so we will be setting up the new displays on Wed. Yay! Love getting new stores that are close to me!

I spent about 3 hours outside working on the house. I got the carport door re-caulked. I painted the water heater closet door and about a 15x4 foot section of siding. I also started painting the electrical box. I'll finish that on Wed. I'm going to paint the air conditioner cover, too, when I get to painting the back of the house.
I was going to paint from the top down, but was too lazy to drag out the extension ladder. I'll have to do that on Wed. I need to cover that bathroom window, too, before I paint up there. I am really liking the gray color and the paint covers that awful green pretty well. I need to get a couple of new locks for the water heater closet and the furnace closet. The old locks don't work (and there are no keys ...) and the furnace closet gets blown open sometimes and I have had to fix the door when it was torn off by the wind ...

I wore the wrong pair of pants for painting today ... Now, they will always be painting pants ... I didn't get ANY paint on my clothes when I painted the shed, but I sure did today! Ugh.

Now, this is odd. I can't access G+ on my desktop, but I can on my laptop! Weird.

Have a batch of alfalfa sprouts started. I need to get back into making them. Free bunny food, almost, except for cost of seeds. Well, for Sheree. Robin doesn't like most types of sprouts. Picky little shit.

Listening to another installment of the WISH Summit - Nadine Artemis. Smart lady.

I love the vanilla incense I got at GoodWill last week. Smells so good.

Already have some good bidding going on for the tablet I put on Listia yesterday.

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