Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

This was a very long work day for me. I serviced 4 stores, paid 4 bills, bought another bookshelf (I planned on getting 3, but they were out of the color I wanted), bought millet sprays for the doves, bought a drill bit to finish putting the hinges on the shed, and didn't get home until around 4. So, by the time I was done with my paperwork and getting things ready for tomorrow's work, it was time for dinner ... No painting today ... Did get the window seat moved into my office, though. I'll be moving all of the old pictures, photo albums, extra frames, etc. into that at some point.

My mom actually cleaned the upright vacuum cleaner! I was shocked. She kept bugging me to do it, but I pretty much ignored her. My 40+ year old canister vacuum works better than that damn upright. So does my little Dirt Devil hand vac.

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