Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

Viola and I only serviced the one store, not the 4 planned. It took well over 3 hours to do the reset and we were both tired afterward. We had no help moving all the heavy fixtures off (the old ones) and on (the new ones) the bottom shelf of the gondola. But, it's done. We stopped at the mall and had lunch at Dos Coyotes and she did my yearly review. So, my raise is effective next week. Yay! I stopped at Barnes & Noble after (same mall) and got the Husbands graphic novel. In hardback! Can't wait to read it!

And, I no sooner sit down to this laptop and my mom starts planning out what I am doing this weekend. Ugh. Like I don't have enough to do already!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to put together another bookshelf now ... but, don't feel like it ...

I cut my hand when I was pulling the hay out of the bucket for the bunnies this morning. Cut it on the dry grass! Still stings.

Boy, does my mom know how to piss me off royally! She used my canister vacuum to suck out whatever had her upright vacuum clogged. Guess what!? It clogged my vacuum! I spent the past hour trying to unclog it! Finally did. All I wanted to do was use it for a few seconds to clean out the bottom of the window seat! Got that done and now the window seat is full of all of the old photos, albums and frames from the past 100 years of our families. I emptied 2 big plastic 18-gallon bins. Hopefully, I can start organizing all of it soon. I want to try to label all the old pics of who my mom remembers. Or, that I do. Those who neither of us remember will become artwork in my crafts. I love working old images into my artwork.

I have a headache ... good thing I got the shipment from Puritan's Pride that I ordered. I think I have at least a year's supply of willow bark now!

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