Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013

I got 2 stores serviced Thursday. Then I stopped at Whole Foods. Hadn't been there in a while. Got some raw kombucha and a few other things. Then I stopped at the WEAVE thrift store and GoodWill on that street. I found a cute swap item, some pants and a really nice file cabinet. I needed another one. We barely got it up the stairs. It's heavy, solid wood! I just need to replace one of the sidebars that holds hanging files. It's bigger than my other one, so I stacked the smaller one on top.

Then, yesterday, I went shopping at the co-op and a few other places. My mom didn't feel like shopping. So, I got most of our monthly food, a free bunny box of veggies and also stopped at Staples for stuff for the new file cabinet.
After that I moved my desk and main computer out to my office in the living room. I have a few more things to rearrange to fit the exercise equipment so we can use it all. But, it's essentially done.

This morning, I'll be doing more painting on the shed before it gets hot. Supposed to have a heatwave (over 100F) the next few days. After that, I'll get all the cages cleaned.

I am so hot! Just got finished cleaning cages.

Earlier I finished painting the side of the shed facing the house, the drain cover box and also some of the house on that side. It's looking good. Two sides to go.
 I'll be so happy to be rid of that horrible seafoam green!

I'll get the other side of the shed painted tomorrow, hopefully.

It is 96F and supposed to get over 100 ...

Huh. Just found out something about my grandfather, John. I never met him, just heard stories about him being a drunk, working with horses, etc. We're watching an episode of Rawhide and Bob Steele is in it. My mom says he was a friend of her dad's when they were younger and both worked as stunt doubles in some movies before Bob made it big. Interesting.

Going to put another bookshelf together that I got for my mom's room.

Got the bookshelf done and in her room.

Made a yummy fresh herb turkey burger dinner. I found the recipe in the newest issue of tasteforlife that I pick up at the co-op, free. I can't find it on their website, so I've scanned the recipe. I didn't take a picture ... but, we had them on large Romaine lettuce with a green fig on the side and raw milk. Click on the image to enlarge it.
Straightened some more of my office. Still have a couple more things to bring out of my room (like the modem/router - trying to get all the EMF out of my bedroom ...), but I'll do that tomorrow. Then, get the exercise equipment set back up to use.

And, yes, that's Mag7 fanart on the monitor. I made it last year. Here it is:
We've been watching/listening to a lot of old westerns on TV today. The Virginian is on right now.

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