Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Serviced one of my new-to-me stores and I am really annoyed at what a mess the displays were! I had to re-do most of the sunglass display as it was NOT set to the planogram ... took me twice as long as normal in one of the stores of that chain ... so, that is the only store I did today ... I did recycle 2 ink cartridges and stop at a produce stand, too.

Just got done with my paperwork. Having a snack of Canadian bacon, Cheddar cheese and rice crackers. After that, it's time to get the fish tank set back up before the fish die. They've been in a big jar most of the day while my mom cleaned out the tank and moved it.

It's 101F already ...

Gah! It's 103F! This is September, right?!

I finally got my kefir grains in milk. I hope they survive. They arrived Friday or Saturday and have been in my mailbox since then and then in my hot car this morning ... We'll see if they make kefir overnight. Hopefully, they like raw whole Jersey cross milk. They were raised on raw Jersey milk.
It's 104F here in Woodland, according to the Weather Channel, but according to the local weatherman, Sacramento got to 102F. Too hot, either way ...

Just finished eating a Cornish game bird. And, a candystripe fig. And, raw milk. Yum.

Going to watch the original The Fly, now.

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