Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013

My days have been fairly full lately and no time to do some of the things that I want or need to do ... work is crazy busy with a lot of special projects that take far too long, so some days I can only get one store done! And, I'm still taking care of my cousin's old cat.
So, today when I got home from checking on Squint and stopping at the co-op, I decided to let the bucks out to run around for a while and just enjoy watching them play along with Ezra and Nikky.
 The Sheriff checking out the doves.
 Nikky checking out Robin.
Ezra hoping the bunnies will go back in their cages soon! ;)

That was a fun 30 minutes for them. I haven't been letting them out enough lately.
I also got my closets organized today and finally moved the eBike back into the shed.

I really have to find the time to paint this weekend ...

Listening to another great Daniel Vitalis podcast/interview. So good.

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