Saturday, October 26, 2013

October 26, 2013

This has been a frustrating day ... week ... month ...
Robin has his first injury. I had the bucks out while I cleaned cages and of course, my mom is in her room reading or watching TV or something and not helping watch them. Nikky was on her own as supervisor. She kept running into the kitchen trying to tell me something. So, I finally get a chance to check on them and Sheree has blood streaks all over his white fur. Then I see Robin trying to climb over him. So, I grab them both by the scruff and put them in their cages. After I finished cleaning, I got a wet towel and wiped Sheree down and found no injuries. So, I start on Robin. He has a big, bloody scratch on his nose. It's gonna scar, I think.
Then, after lunch, I go out to finally finish my mom's bathroom window. I still had 7 screws to replace and the top half to re-caulk. I had told my mom several times yesterday that I would need her help today to hold the ladder still, etc. And, that it would be after lunch ... Does she come out to help? Of course not. So, I'm putting in the last 2 screws and she yells out my bathroom window - oh, there you are. Do you still need my help? (Gaaaaah!!! Don't bother!) So, she comes out and waters some plants ... Seriously. I'll just fall off the rickety ladder now. Thanks ... I won't be asking for help again. I give up. I should know better after all these years!

I got more of the carpet from my bedroom pulled up and cut up. And all of the tack strips and staples pulled up. All that's left is what's under the bed and I hope to get that up tomorrow morning.

And, I WILL paint for two hours tomorrow afternoon. And, I have two more small pipes to wrap. The weather is supposed to change by next weekend and I may not get to do anything then.

It will be another busy work week, even though I only plan on working 3 days - they will be long. And, a new store set-up on Wed.

Just watched Creature from the Black Lagoon. Hadn't seen that in years.

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