Sunday, October 27, 2013

October 27, 2013

Well, I did get the carpet completely pulled from my bedroom!! And, all staples and tack strips pulled. I also steam-cleaned the kitchen, laundry and bathroom floors. And, got 2 hours of painting done. I didn't get the little pipes covered as I ran out of duct tape. I'll have to get more tomorrow so I can finish that.
Pile of carpet and padding for the garbage.

It's slow-going, but I might actually get it all done by December ... 2014 ... ;) I need to make a different clothespin bag, too. That one is about 50 years old and pink does not match the house! haha.

And, here is a pic of poor little Robin's nose.
It looks so much better than it did yesterday when it was swollen and seeping blood! I still think it may scar.

The weather is starting to change. Much cooler today and very windy.

I need to get some treats for the kids. Can't believe how this month has flown by! I didn't even get any decorations up! And, Nikky will be 4! I'll get her a treat, too!

It's been a month since I moved my office from my bedroom back out to the living room. And, I still can't find my headphones!

Now that I have the carpet out of my room, I am finally going to get the knitting machine set up in my room. I haven't used it in about 10 years, I think! I know I need to replace a couple of the carriage plates. I'll be checking eBay and a few other places for them. It's still useable, but it'll be better and slide more smoothly once I replace them. Need to go through all of my yarn stash and decide what to make first! I'm also going to set my knitting looms out, too! I'll finally get to use them!! Need to make some little pom-pom toys for Ezra. His old store-bought ones are falling apart and he loves those.

Wow. The wind is really picking up!

Listening to another great Daniel Vitalis interview.
I'll be working the next 3 days and then will have 4 days off. Have so much I want to get done, but doubt I'll get to all of it ...

Having some strawberry tea with a bit of maple syrup to sweeten it.

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