Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 6, 2013

I have bunny-proofed my yard! Robin and Sheriff have had a romp and we all really enjoyed it!
 photo 001_zps1143dd48.jpg
 photo 002_zpsb32f4f15.jpg
 photo 003_zps16bc64b6.jpg
 photo 004_zpsbd3785fc.jpg
 photo 005_zps8c8e3c25.jpg
 photo 006_zps81a9675a.jpg
I love this action shot! Pretty good for a bunny that had no use of his left forearm 4 months ago. Go, Sheriff!
 photo 007_zpse0d687b7.jpg
 photo 008_zps7e6942fc.jpg
 photo 009_zps636e674a.jpg
 photo 010_zps8b5522c4.jpg
 photo 011_zps9cf898ae.jpg
 photo 012_zps2dc87a3d.jpg
 photo 013_zpsffd8421b.jpg
They both dug their first hole.
 photo 014_zps7f201c33.jpg
Sheree did a much better job than Robby!
 photo 015_zps92a9fcca.jpg
 photo 016_zpsbdf7b2dd.jpg
Robby tried to get in Sheree's diggy hole, but Sheree tried to push him out.
 photo 017_zps478912be.jpg
Sheree got his hole back!
They were tired out by then, so their outing was over. They were really worn out.

Dinner was yum!! I've made this before, but it's always a winner. My mom has been bugging me the past few days to make some kind of soup, so bacon butternut squash soup was made! You can find the original recipe here: or my slightly altered version on my food blog here: Enough was left-over to have it again tomorrow night. Just have to make more bacon.
 photo 022_zps40e8fa93.jpg

I love incense. I've been alternating strawberry and vanilla today. Smells so good. My mom hates it. ;)

Just finished watching the latest episodes of Husbands and The Michael J. Fox show. Both were so much fun. Sad that I'll have to wait months for the next season of Husbands! There is just not enough of that show! Brad Bell is just so damn adorable. And, tiny. You could put him in your pocket! Ha!

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