Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013

Well, I was sure disappointed with Hallowe'en last night. Only 5 kids. Next year, I am only buying boxed raisins as my mom and I will eat those. I'll be giving the suckers and sesame sticks to Martin's kids this weekend.

I had a busy day today. Went to check on old Squint and cleaned Curtis' floors that probably haven't been cleaned since my mom and I moved out of that house in 1992. Paid bills. Got the car washed. Went shopping at the co-op. I love that store! Always find great deals. Bought a bag of discounted rambutan fruit that I've never had before. So good! They are a really funky fruit from Malaysia: Usually very expensive, but the discount cart has bags of different fruit for $1/lb.! Yum. I also got a bag of discounted pomegranates (which I don't like, but my mom does.)
I also finally paid the neighbor for pressure washing the trailer a couple months ago for me. He's going to help me with some of the painting on Sunday. He's been so busy with all the kids he's been watching (his own 3, a nephew, a cousin and a neighbor kid) lately that he hasn't been able to.

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