Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10, 2013

It's been a busy day already.
I went to Home Depot and got the ladder I wanted. It took them 20 minutes to find it. They had the wrong model on the floor in the slot for the one I wanted. I got a 13-foot Werner telescoping ladder. They had the 26-foot there. That is way too big for me! My roof is only 12 foot from the ground! The great thing about this one is that it extends high enough to get to the roof and collapses small enough to store in the shed! My other ladders that I'd inherited from my dad were too big. I got a 10% discount for my patience! I also got a pack of white rags as I need to throw some of mine away. I use them to line the rabbits' trays and also for cleaning. And, more roach traps and 2 fly swatters (my old one's falling apart!)

Wow. My mom made me lunch. Hard-fried eggs and turkey burger patty.

I'm going to take the digital converter and digital box back to the cable company on Tues. I got them a couple months ago on special, but we don't even watch the extra channels! And, the little converter didn't work half the time. I kept having to call them to reboot it! And, y'all know how I hate using phones! So, back they go and we'll be back to just having the extended basic package.

Speaking of phones ... ;) I need to get more TracFone minutes/days before the 20th! Should do that now ... maybe this afternoon.

Got all the spices added to my broth before I left for the store. So, I'll be straining into jars later today.

My daily Listia:
Auction: Patsy Cline The Definitive Collection CD - Used

Going out to pull weeds for a couple of hours. I'm tired of not being able to find all of Nikky's messes to clean up! The weeds are trying to take over the little yard again ...

Glad that is done for a while. It still looks awful, but at least I can clean the yard more easily. I also got the ladder unwrapped (why do companies insist on so much cardboard and plastic on everything?!) and put in the shed. And, I put the old A-frame ladder back under the stairs.

Time to strain the broth and put in jars. Once they cool down, I'll put most of them in the freezer and keep a couple in the fridge. I put the broth in pint jars.

That messy job is done! A dozen pints of pork bone broth are now cooling on the counter before I put them in the freezer or fridge. And, about a pint of veggies and meat was strained for later eating. It's great with lots of butter. ;)

Gah! This is frustrating. Got another letter saying my mom's Medi-Cal is cancelled, so her MediCare Part B will no longer be paid on her SS, so it will be lower next month by over $300! That's really going to hurt. Especially since my damn company has added another week off this year at the last minute (all of Thanksgiving week ...) Going to be some laaaate bills in Dec. I'll have to call her worker and set up an appt. Tues. to see why this keeps happening.

So, I'm debating about even paying for more TracFone time now ... Might wait until I get my oil check and see if it is a good one this month. Should be here next week.

Dinner was baked turkey thighs with sliced tomatoes topped with crème fraîche and fresh ground pepper. And, milk.

Did 100 jumps on the trampoline. Need to get back to doing that every day. Great for the lymph nodes.

My next little craft project for a swap is a cute little button fairy! I'd never seen them before, so it is going to be fun to make! I love trying new crafts. I've got tons of buttons! And, feathers! So, sometime between now and the 23rd I will get that made.

Time for an episode of 240-Robert and some Trader Joe's Cinnamon Tempest tea with milk.

That was a fun episode! It's too bad this show didn't last more than a season. Although, Joanna Cassidy was always annoying ... Wish I could find this on DVD, as I'm watching old VHS copies from the TV.

Having some nuts, seeds and raisins to snack on.

Read a sad story out of Ohio. The founding rescuer for the Animal Rights Foundation killed herself and 31 rescue dogs ... so sad. I've nearly been there a couple of times, but because of my dogs (Quinn & Gemini were my saviors and still watch over me) I didn't do it.

Just watched an old movie short. The Bees' Buzz. It would've worked better as a silent movie (which I though it was originally.) It had its funny moments, though.

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