Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

Is it Monday? No, it's Tuesday. But, it sure feels like Monday ... I don't wanna work today! But, I have to! Glad I got all my paperwork together yesterday.
So much to do today. Stop at the post office to mail my swaps. All the critters need food. I need milk. So, I have to stop at Pet Factory for the dog and cat, then to the co-op for a bunny box and the milk. Then off to service 4 stores ... long day. And, at some point I need to call my mom's worker to find out about the Medi-Cal issue ...

It's very cloudy today. But, the predicted 60% chance of rain from last week is down to only 10% chance ... bummer.

Looks like Obama's SickCare plan is starting to really implode. More and more against it. I shouldn't say 'I told you so ...' but ... ;)

Well, I only serviced 2 stores, but that's alright. I'll do the other 2 tomorrow, and another here in town that was added for a one-time special project.

I ended up going over to Social Services to find out what was up with my mom's Medi-Cal. They lost the renewal paperwork I submitted a few months ago! So, my mom now has to totally re-apply and also ask for retroactive repayment of the money that will not be on her next check! That will probably take several months to get back! ARRRGGH! Sucks! I'm going to have to ask Curtis if I can borrow some money so I don't have late bills and then pay him back once my mom gets that money back ... damn.

Dinner was baked chicken wings with raw sauerkraut mixed with bell pepper and bacon. And, milk.

Got all the bunnies' food chopped up. They will have a piece of eggplant for the first time tonight.

Time for some Kalahari ChocoLatté tea with milk and some 240-Robert.

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