Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013

Damn. I forgot to put anything up on Listia yesterday! I'll have to put up 2 things this afternoon. I felt very distracted yesterday when I got home ...

I have to clean the bathrooms and under all the sink cabinets when I get home as the plumber is coming tomorrow for a regular check-up.
Hope he comes early, but of course, won't count on it ...

I need to get the paperwork done and copied for my mom's Medi-Cal and take it in tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, it won't get lost again and she can get her money back that they are taking from her next check ...

Today was pretty good. Almost everything has gone according to plan, other than the horrible traffic. I got 3 of my stores serviced, stopped at the co-op for a bunny box and some other food, got gas, got hay, took the digital cable boxes back to the cable company. Just finished cleaning my bathroom. Reminded my mom to clean hers'. Load of laundry going.

Surprisingly, my mom has agreed to move her TV to the living room and move my little TV to her room (I rarely watch it.) This way we can start watching all the stuff I have stored on my computer that I may never get around to burning to disk as the TV  has a USB port! She'll never be able to complain that there is nothing on TV, then! I am still going to try to save up for a bigger TV for the living room, but for now her 32" will do. Going to move them around tomorrow afternoon.

Why is she watching Bill O'Reilly. ARRGGH! I have a headache now!

Snacking on some nuts, seeds and raisins with Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai and milk. Going to watch an old 240-Robert and then a new ep of White Collar!

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