Friday, November 15, 2013

November 15, 2013

Waiting on the plumber to come. They called a bit ago and are on their way.
The bucks are out on the deck since I don't clean their cages until tomorrow and they look messy. ;) They need the sun.
I finally renewed my TracFone before it expires and I lose the phone #. Good for another 90 days ...
I also got all my swaps and auctions packaged and ready to drop at the PO this afternoon.
Working on my mom's Medi-Cal paperwork. I need to print out copies of her info to take now ...

And, no, I didn't get anything posted to Listia yesterday, either!

I did 100 jumps on the trampoline.

I took down the big yard umbrella and put it in the shed for the season. The wind is really picking up, bringing in the cooler weather.

I'm amazed I got all of the above done. But, that is all ... pretty much. Didn't list again ... so much for my daily goal ... so, tomorrow, I will attempt to list 4 things to catch up! Really ...

I also discovered (because of an actual TV commercial that I happened to look up and see!) that I have 'TV Anywhere' included in my cable package. When I went to the P.O. earlier, I stopped at the cable office to confirm! And, yes! I can watch many of my favorite channels on my computer! Without paying an extra fee! Nice to find another way to watch some things legally ... ;)

Now, to watch another old ep. of 240-Robert while having some hot Silly Cow Chocolate-chocolate milk.

Listening to Daniel Vitalis talking about the hollow tube on the Gut Rebuilding Experts seminar. Very interesting.

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