Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 16, 2013

I STILL can't find my headphones! I have lots of earbuds, but they don't work as well and always fall out of my ears!

Got all the TVs switched around! I can now see the TV from my office, since it is up on a cabinet. It was hard to see the old console with the arm of the couch in my way ... Going to watch some old movies later. Have to rest and then clean cages and then fix my mom's closet door ... again ...
Done. TVs, cages, door. All done. Must find food!

Leftover wild rice, broccoli and burger with butter! And, a rambutan fruit and a coconut date roll.

Now the rest of the afternoon will be listing a few things. Finally!

The Wolfman on the TV.

 Oooh. The Blob is on next.

Having some hot bone broth for a snack.

Auction: 2 NuWave Pizza Kit Manuals - in Spanish

Auction: Handcrafted Fancy Jewelled Hat Pins (5)

Auction: 10 Bread Clips for crafts - used

We watched Devil-Doll before my mom went to her bedroom to read and then I watched the last two eps of 240-Robert. Too bad that show only had 16 eps in total. It wasn't a bad show.

Tomorrow, we'll be watching a few more old horror movies.

Gah. The noisy neighbors' noisy grandkid is screaming his head off outside again ...

One last listing for the day ...
Auction: Kokopelli Address Labels

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