Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 17, 2013

I'm not in the mood to paint today, but I have to. So, will go out after lunch ...
Vacuumed the cabinets this morning (very few bugs!) and did a load of laundry. Got a CD ready to list.

Lots of tornadoes today in the mid-west. So glad I don't live in that area!

Going to watch some old horror movies again today ... The Raven and The Tingler, and a comedy, The Ladykillers. I've watched them all recently, but my mom hasn't seen the first two for many years and I don't think she's ever seen the other. It's so easy to watch all of the stuff I have stored on my computer. I just transfer them all to a USB jump drive and plug it in the back of this TV. To paraphrase Wil Wheaton - it's great living in the future! (Sometimes.)

Auction: Christmas with Country's Finest, Volume 1 CD - used

Finished watching The Ladykillers.
Having Aidell's Sun-dried Tomato and Garlic Salame on rice crackers with raw mild Cheddar cheese for lunch.

I painted for a couple of hours. I would've done more, but ... a strange person came to my door and then saw me in the back yard. He wouldn't/couldn't explain what he was doing here. Supposedly he was a contractor for PG&E (which took too much prompting to even get that out of him!) checking that people are up-to-date on their 'deregulation'. BUT, he would not/could not explain what the heck he meant by that. 'We have a lot of rules we have to follow ...' One of which is apparently not to explain what that 'deregulation' is ... I told him if he couldn't explain why he was here, he could leave. 'OK. I'll mark your address down as another complaint.' 'You do that.' I watched him for a few minutes and he was going door-to-door. By then, I was out of the mood for painting ... ugh. I should have asked for his supervisor's number ...

Rotisserie chicken for dinner. Yum. With milk! And, baked quince with cream! So good.

OK. Baked quince that has gone cold before it's served ... not so good ... must re-heat. Hope it is still good with the cream melted ...

Well, we just finished watching the movies.
I heated up the quince and the cream melted into melted butter. I added a bit of organic cinnamon-sugar mixture. Is good now. With hot chocolate!

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