Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013

Migraine is really trying to take hold this morning. Drank some bone broth (I rarely have anything to eat this early in the day ...), taken feverfew, white willow bark and extra magnesium. If I still feel like I can drive in the next 20 minutes, I will start on that goal of servicing 7 stores today ...

It rained a bit overnight.

Well, my migraine is worse now. I did get 5 stores serviced! One of which had a special project. But, I just couldn't get to those other 2 stores. So, I will do them on Thurs. when I go near that area for some other stores. I did stop at the co-op and got a small bunny box and a hot chocolate. I also stopped at the Whole Foods in Sacramento (on the same street the stores I serviced are on) and took in the #5 recycling finally. Tomorrow, I have 2 stores in another town. Should be an easier day. I pushed myself too much today.

It sprinkled a bit more today, but it was while I was in a store. Other than that, just very cloudy.

My mom made chili beans for dinner! We haven't had that in years! She even soaked the beans for a couple of days! (She's learning!) It was very good, but not nearly enough meat in it.

I'm freezing. Had to turn on my little electric lap blanket.

Time for hot chocolate. Sounds like it is raining again.

Just took Nikky out - later than usual - and it is pouring. We got wet! ;)

Why do most crime TV shows have to have a bank robbery/hostage episode that at least one of their main leads is caught up in? So unoriginal.

Feeling a bit better now.

Time to take Nikky out again and then put her and the other critters to bed. Going to get wet ...

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