Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 20, 2013

Feeling a bit better this morning, but still not completely over the migraine. Still have some pressure there. So, I'll still get the 2 stores done today that I have planned. One of which has a special project. I'm going to stop at the co-op for hot chocolate after I get some gas this morning.

Rained more overnight. Looks like it might rain more later. Love it!

Got the 2 stores done! Also, got hot chocolate and gas, as planned. My migraine keeps coming and going. Really annoying ... and painfilled!

I have 6 stores planned for tomorrow. It's the last for the week. I hope I can get them done so I can start my vacation on Friday - ten days off!

I got a fun swap all packaged to send tomorrow. I also got 2 new penpals in yesterday's mail! I haven't had penpals for yeeeears. I used to have hundreds when I was younger (& stamps were waaaay cheaper!)

Time for Criminal Minds and CSI tonight. Heating up milk for some hot chocolate.

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