Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23, 2013

Well, I have 10 days off from work starting today. I'll get back to work on Dec. 3.
I didn't get online all that much yesterday. So, didn't blog. I have a lot to do today. And, of course, the first thing out of my mom when she comes out of her room is a complaint. Ezra peed on her bed ...

First project today is taking my mom's closet doors off and figuring out why they keep jumping the track ...

Then, cages ...

Nikky got in trouble right out the door this morning. The local stray cat must have been sleeping under my car, so Nikky had to chase her! Luckily, she listens to commands and stopped about 2 doors down, but she really wanted to chase more. I had to prompt her several times to come and 'yard' (the command to go in the fenced yard to potty.)

So, the closet door is going out on the deck to hopefully get Martin (neighbor) to take to the dump the next time he goes. The track is no good. That's why the door was constantly jumping off. There's a big dent in it that I can't fix. My mom never liked the doors anyway. Full mirrors. I hate mirrors. So, the doors will go. Rearranging her closet this afternoon, so Ezra can't pull stuff off the shelf. Ha!

Cages are cleaned and critters are fed.  Floors partially vacuumed and mopped. I didn't steam-clean the floor today. I'll do it tomorrow after I vacuum the kitchen cabinets.

Still need to go out and clean Nikky's yard.

Hungry. Having turkey backs and necks for lunch.

Lunch eaten, closet rearranged, yard cleaned. Getting a bunch of CDs ready to list on Listia.
 But, first laundry needs to be folded and put away.

Wow. Just got the first freeze warning for the season. Kind of early, I think.

Auction: Tom Jones Best Of - CD/DVD set - Used

Auction: Hits of the 50s CD - Used
Auction: Tanya Tucker 20 Greatest Hits CD - Used

Auction: Charley Pride 20 Super Hits CD - Used

Caught up with Listia. I'll be listing more books there starting tomorrow.

My mom is making beef market steaks with a mix of veggies/fruits (onions, pomegranate, Granny Smith apple, dried tomatoes, jalapeƱo pepper and yellow wax beans) fried together in coconut oil for dinner.

100 jumps on the trampoline. Nikky loves playing on it.

Dinner was really good. Very flavorful. There were no added spices, just the flavors of the ingredients. Mmmm.
Nicky had a turkey back for dinner.

Time for some willow bark ... my bad shoulder is really starting to hurt. This cold weather is getting to it, I think.

Also time for some hot chocolate!

Well, that was almost a huge mess. The mug cracked in the oven. Glad it didn't explode, just leaked a little. I carefully transferred the milk to another mug.

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