Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013

I got up a little late today - 7:30 - I can't seem to get in gear, but I have to go to the co-op for a bunny box and milk. The boys are out of greens. They had a carrot and sweet potato chunk for breakfast with their hay.

Whew! All the doors are off of all the kitchen cabinets! I've decided to use a few of the doors as shelves above the cabinets (they were built with no tops!) So, we can put stuff up there, too. That will be tomorrow, though. It took about 2 hours to take off all those doors after I got back from the co-op.

I also got interrupted by a couple of phone calls. First, it was Amy at the park office telling me that the water was being turned off for a while due to a leak ... then, it was Viola asking if I could service 2 stores this week (so much for vacation!) So, I will be servicing them on Wed. Money!

The last of the leftover chili beans for lunch. Then, painting time!

I painted for about 2 hours. But, it looks like I may have to work tomorrow. I had told Viola that I would do the stores Wed. But, then I remembered that the furnace is going to be serviced that day and you can never be sure when the person will come! So, I probably won't be able to paint again until Sat. We'll see.

I'm having problems with my FireFox browser freezing today. So, I'm going to close up and continue watching a couple of Francis movies with my mom.

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