Friday, November 29, 2013

November 29, 2013

Well, I haven't felt like blogging the past few days. I've had some bad stuff going on. It's hell having no money for emergencies. Ezra's bladder got blocked. Yes, this is a major life or death emergency. But, a vet would cost hundreds, if not thousands, to do x-rays, blood work, catheterization, possible surgery, hospitalization, meds, etc., which I don't have. I know. I've studied vet medicine (many years ago ...) and have also paid for all of that with past male cats who were born with congenital urinary tract issues and both lived into their teens after their crises. I had no money to even start this process with Ezra. I have my old vet books, natural health books and homeopathy books. This started about 4 days ago. Two days ago the crisis peaked to the point where he totally crashed. He could not walk as his hind end was too painful with the bladder being so full. He wasn't even strong enough to cry. Just moan. And, could barely lift his head. I knew he wouldn't make it. The next morning (Wed.) I went to the co-op after I got paid (luckily, I got paid a day early due to the holiday) and snagged up several homeopathic remedies. They are packaged for humans, but with a little tweaking on dosage down to cat-size, they work. I mainly used a liquid extract by Herb Pharm called Stone Breaker. It basically dissolves the stones little-by-little. Also, Goldenrod flower essence by Flower Essence Services. (He hates the taste of both, so I put the drops in his ears and rubbed it in.) I also got Urtica Urens pellets by Boiron. I had Cranberry with Vit. C soft gels and Boiron Cantharis pellets that I'd given him earlier in the year, too. He'd had a minor problem at that time. Plus, he's getting homemade bone broth by syringe. He is getting all these about every 3 hours, except overnight. He IS drinking water occasionally on his own. He has kept clear eyes all through this. And, is fiesty, but weak. I really wasn't sure he would make it last night. I woke up this morning to my mom yelling that Ezra actually walked (VERY slowly) to the litter box and peed. A lot! Still a lot of blood in it ... He has since peed 3 times in the past 4 hours. His bladder is no longer full and hard (it was the size and feel of a baseball ...) He is by no means 'out-of-the-woods', but he continues to fight and is making progress. Even after all this, I will keep him on a few remedies indefinitely to keep his bladder stone-free. At this point, it does not seem that his kidneys had shut down completely through this. He never got edemic, luckily, either. He did get slightly dehydrated, even with the water and broth, though.
I am very lucky that my work has a very flexible schedule and that I am in the middle of vacation this week. If I worked a regular all-day job, he would be gone already. As it is, I am able to check on him constantly, massage him, brush him, clean him (he has long, double-coated fur and the blood and litter cling to his britches) and keep him 'here'. So, this would not work for everyone's cat! I am not a vet, just desperate to keep our boy with us. So, please don't try this at home! Seriously.

I got a few hours of painting in today. It's so nice out. I think it got to about 70F today.

I came in to give Ezrie his herbs and he was peeing (less blood every time!) again AND he finally pooped after 4+ days! Poor baby wasn't strong enough to get it all out on his own. Ew. But, he's more comfortable and on a clean blanket now. He's walking much better, too. No more tummy ache. He'll get more broth tonight and tomorrow he'll have some plain sheep yogurt and possibly some milk kefir. He'll also get brushed and combed and maybe a rear-end bath if he's up to it. He's never been averse to baths, so it shouldn't be a problem.
He has his meow back, too!

Finally watching the last Francis the talking mule movie, Francis in the Haunted House. Totally different than the previous six movies. I can see why they didn't do any more of them. This one is not as good as the others.

Ezra is ready for bed. Love his bright green Ezra Standish eyes.