Friday, November 8, 2013

November 8, 2013

OK. Back to my daily, boring ramblings. Ha! I know! You're thrilled! ;)
Busy morning, so far. Fed and cleaned up after all the critters. Scrubbed the floor under the bunny cages. Vacuumed the carpet (can't wait to get rid of all of it!) Those are all daily things to do.
Cut and sorted all the free veggies I got from the co-op yesterday. I go there at least 3 times a week just for the free 'bunny box'. Depends on how much they have left to put in the box as to how often I go. My boys love the variety! They will be getting a bit of cauliflour for the first time tonight along with the usual lettuces and other trimmings.
Fixed an antique unicorn head and a little display box that my mom broke yesterday (grrrr!!!) when moving a shelf. Which also broke. Fixed that, too.
Started 2 crockpots of pork bone broth.
Trying to fix the damn fish filter that will not siphon ... cheap crap.
One load of laundry done.
Broke my glass straw while drinking my morning lemon water ... it lasted over a year! Wrote to the company and should get the replacement in a couple weeks. This is the second replacement from the original I bought. They have a lifetime guarantee.
Turned on the heater for the first time this season. I waited as long as I could ... but tired of having freezing fingers all day.
Now, to figure out what I want for lunch ...

Leftovers. Wild rice blend with turkey burger mixed in. And, lots of butter! Yum. I also tried a piece of quince. Not bad. My mom says it tastes a bit different than she remembered. They had a tree in their horse pasture when she was a kid. She said her mom used to make jelly with them. I told her that was the original marmalade. It's usually made from oranges/citrus these days, though ...

Yesterday, I finally called Bonney to schedule visits for the plumbing and heater service. I'm on their BAM plan for regular maintenance, but I am lazy about using a phone, so kept putting it off ... but, it's finally done. The plumbing will be checked next Friday and the heater will be serviced at the end of the month. The A/C service was done before summer. So, that will be all done until next year.

I've been adding things to my Listia site and have a goal of adding one thing per day this month.  I'm keeping up, so far. And, I'm still hoping to get my actual website up by the end of the year ... at least as a portal to all of my shops ... some day ...

Oh, and I'm going to teach myself some origami. Got some origami craft ebooks this morning. I certainly have enough pretty papers for it!

Sorted some magazines on one of my bookshelves. Pulled all the duplicates to put on Listia at some point. They were all freebies I get from the co-op and my local BelAir. Lots of good articles and recipes in them.
Also, cleared all of the books off of my trampoline! Still need to organize a couple of shelves to put them all on. So, they are stacked on the floor ... but, I can use my trampoline now!

OK, so I haven't gotten to listing on Listia, yet ... but, I did list 2 craft books in my Bonanza shop!

Grumpy Cat just shared this on Twitter:
How Ugly Can You Make Your Wedding Cake? Apparently SUPER Ugly->

Those are some really awful-looking cakes for weddings. But, I really like that hunter one with the deer heads and camo as far as being artistic.

OK. So, here is today's Listia item:
Auction: Custom Hits Country - Country Picks Vol. 1 CD - Used

This was shared by a friend on G+ today. This is a wise man.
Gah! I hate these damn filters. My last 3 ancient fish are going to suffocate if I can't get them siphoning. The motors run, but that's it. I have 2 and neither want to work right. I'll have to dig out the noisy air bubblers to get them some fresh air until I can buy yet another filter ... not happy ... wouldn't be so bad, but my mom cleaned the glass and stirred up all the algae and crap and the water is so murky I can't even see the fish!
Ugh. Noisy. And, of course, I don't have any little bubblers to put on the end of the air hose ... doubly noisy ... oh, well. At least they have some O
. And, I'm worried the air pressure coming out is going to impact the little guys too much. Just can't win. I wish my mom had kept them in the bigger tank she moved them out of a couple months ago. They are in the little 10-gallon ... damn ...
OK. I moved the tube so that it is just barely in the top of the water (even noisier ...), but at least it's not moving all the water so badly that they couldn't swim straight. Possible catastrophe averted. Ha!
It's been a nice day. Wish I had time to sit outside or do something out there today. Hopefully, tomorrow afternoon I'll be able to get some painting done.

Almost time for dinner. We are having pork steaks, baked potato (lots of butter!!) and milk.

My mouth is on fire. My mom rubbed the pork steaks with chipotle seasoning. So good, but HOT!

Going to watch another episode of 240-Robert now. Must have some chocolate tea, too!

For those of you who don't follow me on any of the medias (& why don't you!?) ;) this is a worthy cause. Wish I could donate, but I'm tapped out, so I share to spread the word. This baby needs her mommies close by:

TAKE ACTION: Help support Leah and her two moms | GLAAD

I've been debating with myself lately about getting back into mystery shopping. I haven't done any 'shops' in over ten years. But, I've recently started getting the emails again (since I finally transferred everything over from my old YahellMail and Hotmail accounts to my GMail - see how lazy I am ... I stopped using those accounts more than 8 years ago and surprised that my password still worked to get into them!) But, there are a bunch of shops available ... I may do some when they are close to any of my stores on my merchandising route. Still thinking about it ... 

That Typhoon Yolanda is so massive. It's really wreaking havoc on those poor islands. I would never want to live on an island with no way to escape something like that. Scary.

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