Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013

I can't seem to warm up this morning. I have the heater on. I'll warm up once I start cleaning, though. It's Saturday. Cage-cleaning day ... fun ... I'm going to let the boys out to run around for the first time since Sheree bit Robin on the nose. One at a time. Can't let them out together any more. They are no longer bunnies, but mature bucks now. Is sad :'(

First load of laundry is in the dryer. Will do 1 or 2 more today.

Just joined a bunch of swaps on swap-bot. Love swapping!

Wow. The first time in 3 hours I've been able to sit down and rest. Just finished cleaning dove and rabbit cages, letting the bucks run around (Sheree for almost 90 minutes and Robby for about 60 minutes - Nikky was in mama dog heaven), put veggies in my pork bone broth, vacuumed, steam-cleaned the kitchen and laundry room floors, got the 2nd load of laundry going, feeding/watering all the critters after washing their bowls and bottles ... and not all in that order ... I'm exhausted. And, of course, my mom threw a hissy fit rather than help with any of them and is hiding in her room. But, that's every Sat. when it's cleaning time ... or every morning when it's feeding time ... and, she's the one that wanted a bunny ... I have to find something to eat, now.

Ah ... hard fried chicken and dove eggs with leftover pork roast fried in butter for lunch. Mmmm. And, a rambutan fruit.

It's another pretty day outside and I am not in the mood to do anything outside today ... ugh. But, I have to do something!!! Sure as hell won't get done if I don't ...

Yep. Not gonna get much else done today. Too tired ... Have the 3rd load of laundry running with one more to go. Where does it all come from!?

Changed out all the roach traps. Fun. Not. Yeah, we got a looooong-standing problem with them ...

Still need to mess with the fish filter and also top off their water, yet ...

At least I made $3 today. Just finished doing a survey.

Next ... last load of laundry is in the washer.

Snacking on some nuts, raisins and seeds ... about a tablespoon ...

My daily Listia listing:
Auction: The Eagles - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 CD - Used

Dinner was so good. Lamb leg steak with baked apple smothered in crème fraîche with a date in the middle. Mmmmm. And, milk.

Time to watch another episode of 240-Robert and have some hazelnut chai tea with milk.

But first, this is always a winner:

Gah. The noisy neighbors are being extra noisy tonight ...

Grumpy Cat and I are so in tune ... 
Leave me alone, I'm tired.

Damn. The destruction in the Philippines is immense. And, the storm is headed to Viet Nam now ...

Having some organic apple juice diluted with a bit of water. Haven't had apple juice in quite a while, but bought a bottle for a recipe last week and only needed a cup for that. So, drinking it a bit at a time so it's not wasted.

Sure wish I could figure out what happened to my headphones. I need them right now to drown out the noise ... over a month since I moved my office out of my bedroom and still can't find them! I did find my car charger adapter yesterday, though! Win!

Discovered earlier that I paid my Home Depot bill 4 days late! Can't believe I read the due date wrong last month! $25 late fee! First time late on that bill! Plus, I need to go there tomorrow morning to buy a new extension ladder. Mine was stolen about a week ago from my backyard! It was my dad's and has a crooked foot. Hope they fall using it!

Listening to some John Denver music to drown out the noise. Earplugs did not work ...

Found at least 3 origami projects I want to try out in the ebooks I got yesterday. A cute little papoose, an angel and a haunted house (which will be great for next year.)

Bedtime for the critters. Yay! Nikky is waiting to go out and then to her room. Then feed the bunnies and doves and turn out all the lights. Then I'll watch another episode of the new Ironside that I found. I thought I had all of them since it's already been cancelled.

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