Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31, 2013

It's your last chance to get anything done in 2013!! ha!
It's been really cloudy all morning, but it's not supposed to rain. So, it might clear up and hopefully warm up a bit so I can paint this afternoon. I just got back from Home Depot. Had to get more paint brushes and a couple of other little things.

And, beginning tomorrow, I am a criminal. And, so is anyone else who refuses to join in on the US deathcare plan pushed by the government and their BigPharma buddies.

I don't really do New Year's Resolutions. I have ideas of what I want to do, but it's not really resolved that I will get to them! haha! I want to finish painting the house inside and out. I want to get the lights in the kitchen replaced. I want to re-do the flooring in the house. I want to get the patio stones leveled. I want to get my website finished. I want to pay all of my credit cards off and get rid of them. I want my mom to stop complaining about everything ... I might get some of those done this year. Maybe.

Wow! I just watched the fireworks from Dubai! That was amazing synchronization. They set off over 500,000 fireworks in less than 6 minutes, trying for a new Guinness World Record. I think they made it!

I got a bit of painting in today. The wind is picking up - again! What is with all the wind lately! So, I climbed on top of the air conditioner unit and did the middle of the wall ...

Butternut squash soup with bacon for dinner! Yuuuuum!

New batch of kefir fermenting on the counter.

My weather channel app is really screwing up lately. I just uninstalled it, then went to their homepage and downloaded it again. And, it still won't work!

I have some of the most inconsiderate neighbors on the f'in' planet. My damn floor is vibrating because they have their music so loud! I can't even hear the TV or the music I have on (at a normal level!) And, my mom can't even go to bed like she wanted to. I'm getting stomach ache from it ... I wish I was the kind of person who could call the cops on them, but I am paranoid about repercussions ... apparently no one else is brave enough to do anything either ...sucks ...

OK. Time for some tea, some valerian and ear plugs ... anything to keep me calm. Trying to listen to an old BeeGees concert ... but, it's getting drowned out ...

Hmmm. I don't want to jinx it, but where'd the noise go ... all my critters are fed & in bed and I've got all the lights off in here. Maybe they took a hint. But, all their lights are still on in their carport where they were blasting the music, etc.

This BeeGees concert is fun. Robin and Maurice looked so healthy then ... it's from 1989.
And, I've taken TWO valerian caps. Calm. Hope it stays that way.

I've got to watch this concert on the big TV tomorrow. My mom was a huge fan of theirs, so she should enjoy it, too.

Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

I got up an hour late today! Gotta run to the co-op.

Having 2 rashers of bacon and a chicken apple sausage for lunch. Mmm.

I'm also still sticking to the potato starch every day. I'm up to about 1.5 tablespoons with no discernable side effects. But, I do think my sleeping is deeper.

I only painted for about an hour. I didn't feel like doing any ladder work, so I painted the lower part of the wall.
If I don't feel like using the ladder tomorrow, I'll do this section to the right of what I did today. If I do ... I'll do the upper part like I had planned for today ...

I got the latest copy of The Vine (my Co-op's newsletter) in the mail. I'm hoping to take an Intro to Kombucha class from them next month - gotta set $7 aside ... And, I'm thinking of joining the craft circle they have twice a month ... don't know if I will be able to ... but, I really want to start doing those things ...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 29, 2013

I did it. WooHoo!!!!! I now have one side of the house painted gray!
I start on the backside tomorrow if all works out!
It's hard to tell with the shadows, but this side is still that disgusting green color.

I forgot to mention the other day, the noisy neighbors had a theft either on Christmas day or the day after. TVs and even their car! Cops went door-to-door asking if anyone heard or saw anything. To be honest, they are normally so noisy, I would not have noticed anything different ... but, I guess they had gone out of town ...

Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 26, 2013

I did it! I painted the section above the shed! It was much easier than I thought it would be. I got on the shed roof and was the perfect distance to paint it all.
I will finish tomorrow! Then, this weekend, I'll start on the back wall! Finally!
Once I am done with all the gray, I'll go around and do all the red trim on the eaves. I still can't decide if I want to paint the shed roof ...

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 25, 2013

I got up near my normal time today. So, I guess yesterday, I just really needed that extra sleep.

Water with potato starch to start the day.

I am so cold this morning. I did not turn on the central heat. I am using my little space heater right now. I bought us a new upright space heater for this room, which I'll set up after my mom comes out here. Our other one died last year. I really want to get one that looks like a fireplace with mantle and probably will at the end of the season when they go on sale so we'll be ready for next year!

I really hate using the central heat, which is gas. I hate using gas for anything in the house. The smell makes me sick (that additive they have to put in it) plus have bad memories of an uncle blowing up his house and killing one of their cats ... So, I avoid it as much as I can. I won't even cook with it. I bought electric, portable countertop oven and stove earlier this year.

Got the new heater running. Stinks. It will for a couple of hours, until the 'newness' burns off.

Having Numi Chocolate Puerh tea. With milk. Yum! I need to get a nice kettle to use on the stove to heat my water. I have several old kettles, but they are more decorative than useful. Right now, I just use a Purex glass measuring cup in the oven to heat water for tea or milk (for hot chocolate!)

WooHoo! I just won a 16GB micro SD card on Listia! Took more credits than I'd like, but I need it. Hoping to bid on more, and a USB adapter.

More tea! Trader Joe's Cinnamon Tempest tea with milk next.

Watching season 1 of Ripper Street today.
And, more tea - Zhena's Gypsy Hazelnut Chai with milk now. :) Definitely a relaxing tea day for me! I have over 20 flavors to choose from in the cupboard!

My mom was going to start cooking the bird (a large organic chicken) which she's had thawing in the fridge for two days ... but, it is still frozen! haha! So, it is in water now and should finish thawing in a couple hours. She's getting everything else ready to cook, though. Seems we are having more than originally planned. Baked whole chicken (infused with bone broth via syringe!), homemade cranberry sauce, gluten-free rolls with lots of butter, homemade dressing (wild rice blend, millet, gluten-free croutons, apples, cranberries, olives, walnuts & pine nuts), milk, and homemade tapioca. Haven't had tapioca in years! Almost all of the meal is organic, too!
I'll post pics on my food blog.

Having Synergy Black Chia Kombucha with potato starch, and tapioca for lunch.
Mmmm. That was so good.

Next up - Zhena's Gypsy Firelight Chai tea with milk.

Ooh. We're going to use the fancy old plates. And, goblets. Nice.
The chicken is on and the rice mixture is on the stove. I think everything will be done by 4!

Nikky will be having chicken neck and liver.

With the 2 space heaters and the cooking going on, it's nice and toasty in here today. It's usually the bedrooms that are warm when I have the central heat on and we're out here in the living room freezing. Today, it's the opposite, as it should be!

My bad shoulder is still bothering me from painting the other day. But, tomorrow it will be more painting in the afternoon (after I go to the co-op for a bunny box and MEAT!) So, I may have to try to rub some arnica gel over it tonight.

We watched 3 episodes of Ripper Street. We'll watch the next 4 eps of season 1 over the next couple of days. Then, on to the final season. Sad that it was cancelled after only two seasons ... and, being a British show, the seasons are waaaaaaaaaay too short.

Time for some hot chocolate!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 24, 2013

Wow! I think I am seeing some results from the resistant starch experiment! I didn't get up until NINE this morning! Two hours late! Poor Nikky! She had to wait until then to go out! But, I feel like I am behind in everything this morning. Fed the bunnies late. Cleaned the floor late. Went through emails and media sites late ... But, I got a lot of sleep, so must have needed it!

Gah, I still haven't even brushed my teeth. Gotta do that now.


My mom has everything ready for tomorrow's dinner. We're having a roasted chicken stuffed with wild rice blend, millet, cranberries, apples, walnuts, pine nuts, olives and gluten-free croutons. (Of course, most of it will be baked in a separate dish.) Gluten-free biscuits with lots of butter. Milk with potato starch.

She's making us bacon and eggs for lunch! Mmm.

I really don't want to paint today ... :(

Here's the pic of the wind chime I got from Zachary for Christmas.
Pretty good for a 4-year-old!! :)

This is me going out to paint ... hmm, don't see anything happening ... :\

OK. I got ready to go out and paint. I took Nikky out and it is windy! I did not know we were supposed to have wind today. It wasn't windy at 9 when I got up! So, I will not be painting until Thursday. That area is too risky between the shed and house to be messing around on a ladder and on the shed roof with any wind.

So, it's time to cross-stitch!

Having Synergy Black Chia Kombucha with potato starch for a snack. Still cross-stitching ...

We had fantastic Llano Seco pork shoulder steak rubbed with pepper jelly, with salad for dinner. And, Numi Honeybush tea with milk.

Just finished cross-stitching for the day. I think I accomplished quite a bit! Just have some black back-stitching left to do, so will have it finished by the weekend, I think. Then, I'll frame it and decorate the frame.

Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

I went to the co-op this morning for the bunny box, milk and eggs and my hot chocolate.
I got the special visit to that store done and took pictures for my manager.
I've just been relaxing since I got home (other than cleaning and cutting the greens and putting them in the fridge - the boys are set for about 3 more days ...)

I got a letter from DMV about my Tercel not being insured ... the license will be suspended next month, yadda, yadda. It's parked and not being used. I'm not going to keep it insured ... grrr.

Also, got an approval letter about my mom's free phone! She qualified, which I knew she would. The phone arrived over a week ago. I think it's weird that you get the phone before the approval is completed ... but, at least it's done.

Oh, and I took pictures this morning of the painting I did yesterday,
and, where I hope to paint tomorrow.
As you can see, that part is going to be tricky with the shed in the way ...

Listening to another Daniel Vitalis interview!

Wow. That was a fun interview. All about time, seasons, religions, holidays. A different interview from his usual ones.

7 pm
Gah! What was I thinking! I made my hot chocolate with WATER! Bleh. I must have had tea on my mind ...

The best thing today is that I got a Christmas present from a cute guy. A hand-painted wind chime. It's hanging in the living room now. I've never met him, but he's always in my thoughts. As is his grandma and the rest of the family! ;) He's my best friend, Darla's grandson, Zachary. And, I found out that Darla is finally online!!! I can start keeping up with her and 'talk' to her after 30 years! I can't wait!

It's so great to finally be in regular touch with Darla! We've been chatting for an hour or so. Going to have some tea now.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

Looks like it will be a nice afternoon to paint today. I just finished cleaning the floors and cabinets and now resting for a bit. Going to have milk kefir with potato starch, vanilla and maple syrup for lunch. I had water with potato starch when I got up this morning.

I got the painting done that I wanted to do! I got as far as the end of the awning (less about 2 inches as I didn't want to move the ladder again!) I'll take pictures tomorrow. I am tired. My bad shoulder was starting to hurt from reaching above me. Since I have to work tomorrow, I will be painting again on Wednesday. It is going to be really tricky to do, as the shed is so close to the wall. I'll most likely have to get on the shed roof to do part of it ... fun ...

I just finished foraging for the bunnies. They'll be having 'weeds' and sweet alyssum for dinner. I didn't want to use the gas to go to the co-op today just for a bunny box since I am going out tomorrow to work. I'll get a bunny box, milk and eggs in the morning on the way to work.

We are having chicken livers for dinner. I've never had them. I did not like calf liver, so I don't have real hope for this ...

OK. I was surprised. I kind of liked the chicken livers. I found a recipe for my mom that we had all the ingredients for and it was quick and easy: Chicken Livers And Apple Slices Recipe

Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai tea with milk. Yum.

The boys love their dinner. I think they could live on sweet alyssum if I let them! And, to think, the past couple of years I have been fighting to get rid of that damn invasive flower! It won and the boys enjoy the spoils! I think they fill up on the wild plants more than the veggies from the store. More nutrition in less volume. They usually have their dinner completely gone in less than 30 minutes. They ate about half and are done & asleep and will be able to nibble through the night. I need to clip more weeds in the morning for their breakfast before I leave.

Time for some hot chocolate and another Daniel Vitalis interview.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December 21, 2013

It's another cool day, but at least the wind is gone! I really don't want to go outside, but I will ...
I finished cleaning cages and have the 2nd load of laundry in the dryer.
I have spent most of the morning since reading up on resistant starch. I write about it on my food blog. It's a very interesting addition that I think people would be wise to add to their food.

Just came in from painting. I'm cold. But, I got done what I had hoped to do today! And, done with working with the ladder on stairs until I get to the other side of the house.
I got all the area above the window and door painted.
I got as far as my bathroom window.
I hope to paint the areas around the bathroom and bedroom window as far as the end of the awning tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, December 20, 2013

December 20, 2013

It's still windy. As usual, the weather man was wrong! Hopefully, it will die down by noon so I can paint! I won't get on a ladder when it's windy. But, I may just start painting the lower part of the back wall, just to get something done if it hasn't stopped blowing.

I'll be going to the post office to drop off all of the packages and cards I got ready yesterday. I still have to find one more address for a card.

Whew! That wind is cold! Got everything mailed. And, got 2 nice cards from my 2 best friends! :)

Now, I need to clean all my rubber stamps that I used to make the wrapping paper last night. Except, now, I can't seem to find the cleaner ... I need to tear my bedroom apart, I think ...

Finally got around to checking what is wrong with my mom's upright vacuum. It's always something with that damn thing. Every time she uses it (which is rarely ...) she complains about it. This time it was a broken belt. Luckily, I had a spare (that went to a different vacuum we used to have) that fit. Works fine now. Until the next time ...

Still can't find the rubber stamp cleaner or the headphones ...

100 jumps on the trampoline!

Chicken legs for lunch! And, cinnamon tea.

Gah! All my mom seems to ever know how to do is complain! Ezra doesn't like this, he won't eat that, should just let the damn cat starve. Blah, blah, blah! Then, she complains that Nikky is getting fat ... because she gives her Ezra's leftovers! Grrr.

Listening to another fantastic podcast interview with Daniel Vitalis: 

The wind did not co-operate. It didn't die down enough for me to go out to paint. So, I re-arranged my closet. Still didn't find the headphones, so I will just have to get another set ... Same with the rubber stamp cleaner ... :( But, my closet is organized and I got more things off the bedroom floor and put away. Found a few more things to list online when I get to them. Brought them out to my office. Now, to organize my office floor! I can barely move my chair. 

So much for my 'vacation'. I have a special service visit on Monday for one of my stores ... grrr.

I got all of my mailing supplies organized in the wall cabinets in my office. Still have some stuff to organize that's on the floor. Took out two 4 gallon bags of garbage. 

I joined a bunch of new swaps on swap-bot for the next month. Lots of crafting and de-stashing to come! But, I do have to be careful since the damn price of postage is going up AGAIN next month! .49c to mail a damn letter and .34c to mail a little postcard! Ridiculous!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013

Well, I got the new power supply in the mail. I put it into the computer and ... nothing ... I could not get it to turn on. So, I gave up messing with it and put the old one back in. Took a chance and pushed the button and ... it's on! Damn computer! So, I am not sure now if it is the power supply that's the problem! But, I am using the desktop again. I got all my auctioned labels printed, thank goodness. And, I've copied all my label images to a disk, so I won't panic about my graphics again if the computer acts up in the future. But, now I have an extra power supply that cost me over $60 ...
I am noticing that the computer fan keeps 'revving' occasionally since I turned it back on. It was never noticeable before.

Got some really good greens for the bunnies this morning and enough meat for the week. We're having baked Dover sole and a spinach salad for dinner.

All my auctions and sales are packaged to mail tomorrow. I still have to package a bunch of presents to send to WA. tonight. But, I need to finish making the 'wrapping' paper for all of them. But, I will have them ready for tomorrow. Don't think I will be able to get any cross-stitching done tonight. White Collar is on at 9, too. There's always too much to do ...

Also, waiting for my second load of laundry to finish drying so I can get that put away ...

I still need to get back into the laptop and forward some of the emails that I'd saved on there ...

Finally got all of the packages done. That took a while! And, I am beyond broke with all the shipping. My BillMeLater is maxed out completely! Sucks ... And, postage will be going up again in a month or so ... not good.

I got all of my emails forwarded and the laptop is put away again.

I figured out why the computer fan was revving. I had one of the vents blocked. Nice and quiet again.

I hope the North Wind is gone tomorrow. It really blew today. I really want to get some painting done tomorrow afternoon.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 18, 2013

My vacation has started. Two weeks off. I go back on January 2, 2014.
I've been lazy since I got home. Listening to Sam Cooke music, cross-stitching for an hour, then watching Criminal Minds and CSI. Almost time for bed.

We're supposed to have a North Wind tomorrow. So, probably won't get any painting done. But, I do have to go to the co-op in the morning for a bunny box and MEAT. We're nearly out of food for us!

It is supposed to warm up to normal over the weekend. High 60s. So, I hope to get a lot of painting done in the next week.

I got some cross-stitching done tonight. I re-did the section that I had to pull out last night. In the right color!

This was dinner tonight: Beans, millet and ground elk soup. My mom was experimenting. It turned out pretty good.
One thing I am determined to do on my days off ... find my damn headphones! I hate using earbuds. They never fit right and fall out all the time and I can still hear outside sounds. Pisses me off! I am going to have to tear my room apart, but I WILL find them ... or buy new ones ... :(

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

Well, this day really didn't go the way I'd planned ... I only got one store serviced. I was in there forever ... doing a complete reset on a display. So, I have to work tomorrow and hope I get the other 3 stores done so my 'vacation' can start.
This morning before work, I went to the co-op and got more milk and a bunny box. I am not sure what is going on with the free greens situation ... but, the same guy that gave me barely a handful of greens yesterday gave me a bunch of moldy greens today. Not amused ... I can't get back there until Thursday, so the bucks will get some more 'weeds' and sweet allysum tomorrow which is what they had for breakfast. They'll get pellet kibble tonight. Plus, they always have organic hay.

I'm having some yummy Numi Honeybush tea with milk. Mmmm.

The address label auctions ended and I sure do hope that the power supply gets here Thursday so I can get them printed from my original images. Or, I will have to make new ones from scratch so I can get them mailed Friday!

I spent several hours hunting for some of my sale items. I misplaced them after moving my office out of my bedroom. I'd made a sale and was panicking about finding it! Finally did. In my bedroom! A vintage radio pamphlet.

Now, if I could just find my freakin' headphones!

I was able to salvage enough veggies for the bunnies to last until tomorrow night. It was mainly corn husks that were moldy. Corn husks and silks aren't really good for rabbits, anyway. The rest was good. They will even have corn for the first time! Just one-inch sections. So, that will be a treat for them.

Time for some jumps on the trampoline and then some cross-stitching.

Gah!!! While hunting for more black embroidery floss, I found another cross-stitch project I had started years ago ... Add that to the list of projects to finish ... :(

Well, that was brilliant. After all these years, I need a refresher on reading a pattern. Black is not turquoise and a straight line is not a squiggly line ... just pulled the black back-stitching I did the past two nights as it was supposed to be turquoise ... Will re-do it tomorrow ... :(

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

This has seemed like a very long day and I don't know why.

I got all my packages mailed this morning. I scraped together enough change to get some milk and eggs at the co-op. Sadly, they had very little free greens for the bunnies, so I will have to go back tomorrow. There was only enough for their dinner tonight. I will have to pull some weeds and wild lettuce in the morning for their breakfast.

I serviced 4 stores today. One of them not mine, but has no permanent rep. I don't like the store and doubt I will service it again. It is too far off my regular route, but I told Viola I would help out on extra stores this week. I have 3 more of mine to do tomorrow and then my 'vacation' starts. Unless she gets back to me with any more stores she needs help with. She normally covers the stores that are not permanently assigned, but recently had foot surgery, so is on 'desk duty' until next month.

I should have my cross-stitch project finished by next weekend. Then, I will frame it. Haven't decided if I am going to keep it or sell it ... It's cute!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

December 15, 2013

So, I made a couple of new blogs yesterday. I was bored! QuinGem's Quaint Quill and QuinGem's Queer Quotidian. The first is mainly to post photos for my penpals to see, but I'll still share whatever I put up there. The other is for mostly images or articles that catch my eye in the celebrity or LGBTQ community.

So, if you didn't catch the Quill posts yesterday, I painted.


And, Robby and Sheree had a play day.

Bucks on the Loose

Well, today, I painted for over two hours.

I did the section to the left of the window today.
Wednesday, I hope to get at least that top section above the window and the door.

If all goes well, I might get the section done all the way to the windows on the right. I hope!

I must say that I love my Werner adjustable ladder. I am dealing with the stairs now. It works great on them.

I work for the next two days and then will be off until January 2 ... I am not thrilled about that, since we had the extra time off over Thanksgiving this year, too. I hate that they spring these 'vacations' on us on very short notice, so I have noooooo money right now. But, I should be able to get more painting done!

I ordered the power supply for my desktop computer this morning. More than I wanted to pay. Thank goodness for BillMeLater! It should get here by Thursday. I had planned on buying from Fry's, but after taking the part out of the computer and comparing to what they had when I stopped by there the other day, I realized they don't have the right one. Not even on their website. I found the exact one on eBay, though.

I have everything ready for tomorrow. All my paperwork, and the swaps and pressies and sales are packaged for the post office. I still have a few more presents to get ready and hope to mail the rest on Tuesday.

Since my desktop isn't working right now, my goal of listing one thing a day on Listia fell through. I wanted to list more things that need graphics, but stupidly some of them are on that computer and not in an external HD ... As it is, the two I have listed, I'm really going to have to work to re-do the images if the power supply doesn't arrive before Friday when they are due to mail out ... But, it's doable ...

I am finally finishing my Indian Boy cross-stitch that I started YEARS ago! I just have the black back-stitching to do. I told myself that I am not going to start any new big craft projects until the others I have in progress are finished. So, first up is this cross-stitch. Next will be all the cloth wipes I cut out and never got around to hemming together.

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Waiting on the Bonney maintenance man to get here. They just called. I'd had to re-schedule last Wed., due to them being delayed and I had to get to a special project for work (in the middle of my supposed vacation ...) as well as dealing with a possibly dying Ezra ...

Ezra is doing great today. No accidents, no straining, no bleeding. But, lots of begging for food and getting mad when he doesn't get the food he wants ...

Seems all the neighbors have the money to hire people to do all their building work. Must be nice ... Across the road, they are getting new siding, pre-sale. Gonna miss the quiet lady that lives there; hope the new people aren't noisy ... Next door is getting a new roof, which I know they have needed for a while.

I have to go to the co-op today, since I didn't go Sat. The bucks are out of greens and I still need to get more cantharis for Ezra.

What a tiring day! The furnace maintenance was done by noon. Then, I went to the co-op. I got home about 1 and then went right out to paint. Just came in a few minutes ago. I got the bottom half of the trailer done on one side. Next weekend, I will start on the upper part.

It is getting chilly.

What is it with companies sending people door-to-door without explanations as to WHY they are coming to your door!? I am not going to give them any info if I don't have a reason! Go away! Second time in a week.

Just enjoyed 3 hours of Doctor Blake Mysteries. So tired. Back to work tomorrow. Ugh.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1, 2013

Ezra continues to improve. He slept on my mom's bed all night with no accidents and she said he got up a couple times and went to his box and also ate a bit. He wants out of the bedroom today.

My goal to list one thing a day on Listia last month was a fail ... but, I'm going to try it again this month!

I also have a goal of getting my swaps mailed out as soon as I can, rather than the day they are due! I have 2 due next Sat. So, I hope to get them packaged to mail tomorrow. I also owe 2 penpal letters and 2 postcards! Ugh.

Almost time to start on the weekly cabinet vacuuming and steam-clean the floors.
Laundry is ready for the dryer now.

Done with the vacuuming and floors ... waiting to put the second load in the dryer ...

The last of the leftover pork roast, baking in butter for lunch. Then, out to do more painting!

Pics of today's painting. Kind of hard to see what I did, due to the sunshine on the wall. I painted for about 3 hours.

Tomorrow, I should get to the front edge of the trailer and then I'll start on ladder work to get to the upper parts of the wall ... baby steps ...

Bacon and scrambled eggs for dinner. With milk.

Going to watch a couple of episodes of Dr. Blake Mysteries.

Well, that was enjoyable. I really like that show. We watched 3 episodes. Ezra came out of the bedroom and fell asleep in his tunnel toy. Then, got very mad when he came out and we made him take his pills!