Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

This has seemed like a very long day and I don't know why.

I got all my packages mailed this morning. I scraped together enough change to get some milk and eggs at the co-op. Sadly, they had very little free greens for the bunnies, so I will have to go back tomorrow. There was only enough for their dinner tonight. I will have to pull some weeds and wild lettuce in the morning for their breakfast.

I serviced 4 stores today. One of them not mine, but has no permanent rep. I don't like the store and doubt I will service it again. It is too far off my regular route, but I told Viola I would help out on extra stores this week. I have 3 more of mine to do tomorrow and then my 'vacation' starts. Unless she gets back to me with any more stores she needs help with. She normally covers the stores that are not permanently assigned, but recently had foot surgery, so is on 'desk duty' until next month.

I should have my cross-stitch project finished by next weekend. Then, I will frame it. Haven't decided if I am going to keep it or sell it ... It's cute!

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