Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

Well, this day really didn't go the way I'd planned ... I only got one store serviced. I was in there forever ... doing a complete reset on a display. So, I have to work tomorrow and hope I get the other 3 stores done so my 'vacation' can start.
This morning before work, I went to the co-op and got more milk and a bunny box. I am not sure what is going on with the free greens situation ... but, the same guy that gave me barely a handful of greens yesterday gave me a bunch of moldy greens today. Not amused ... I can't get back there until Thursday, so the bucks will get some more 'weeds' and sweet allysum tomorrow which is what they had for breakfast. They'll get pellet kibble tonight. Plus, they always have organic hay.

I'm having some yummy Numi Honeybush tea with milk. Mmmm.

The address label auctions ended and I sure do hope that the power supply gets here Thursday so I can get them printed from my original images. Or, I will have to make new ones from scratch so I can get them mailed Friday!

I spent several hours hunting for some of my sale items. I misplaced them after moving my office out of my bedroom. I'd made a sale and was panicking about finding it! Finally did. In my bedroom! A vintage radio pamphlet.

Now, if I could just find my freakin' headphones!

I was able to salvage enough veggies for the bunnies to last until tomorrow night. It was mainly corn husks that were moldy. Corn husks and silks aren't really good for rabbits, anyway. The rest was good. They will even have corn for the first time! Just one-inch sections. So, that will be a treat for them.

Time for some jumps on the trampoline and then some cross-stitching.

Gah!!! While hunting for more black embroidery floss, I found another cross-stitch project I had started years ago ... Add that to the list of projects to finish ... :(

Well, that was brilliant. After all these years, I need a refresher on reading a pattern. Black is not turquoise and a straight line is not a squiggly line ... just pulled the black back-stitching I did the past two nights as it was supposed to be turquoise ... Will re-do it tomorrow ... :(

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