Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 18, 2013

My vacation has started. Two weeks off. I go back on January 2, 2014.
I've been lazy since I got home. Listening to Sam Cooke music, cross-stitching for an hour, then watching Criminal Minds and CSI. Almost time for bed.

We're supposed to have a North Wind tomorrow. So, probably won't get any painting done. But, I do have to go to the co-op in the morning for a bunny box and MEAT. We're nearly out of food for us!

It is supposed to warm up to normal over the weekend. High 60s. So, I hope to get a lot of painting done in the next week.

I got some cross-stitching done tonight. I re-did the section that I had to pull out last night. In the right color!

This was dinner tonight: Beans, millet and ground elk soup. My mom was experimenting. It turned out pretty good.
One thing I am determined to do on my days off ... find my damn headphones! I hate using earbuds. They never fit right and fall out all the time and I can still hear outside sounds. Pisses me off! I am going to have to tear my room apart, but I WILL find them ... or buy new ones ... :(

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