Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

Waiting on the Bonney maintenance man to get here. They just called. I'd had to re-schedule last Wed., due to them being delayed and I had to get to a special project for work (in the middle of my supposed vacation ...) as well as dealing with a possibly dying Ezra ...

Ezra is doing great today. No accidents, no straining, no bleeding. But, lots of begging for food and getting mad when he doesn't get the food he wants ...

Seems all the neighbors have the money to hire people to do all their building work. Must be nice ... Across the road, they are getting new siding, pre-sale. Gonna miss the quiet lady that lives there; hope the new people aren't noisy ... Next door is getting a new roof, which I know they have needed for a while.

I have to go to the co-op today, since I didn't go Sat. The bucks are out of greens and I still need to get more cantharis for Ezra.

What a tiring day! The furnace maintenance was done by noon. Then, I went to the co-op. I got home about 1 and then went right out to paint. Just came in a few minutes ago. I got the bottom half of the trailer done on one side. Next weekend, I will start on the upper part.

It is getting chilly.

What is it with companies sending people door-to-door without explanations as to WHY they are coming to your door!? I am not going to give them any info if I don't have a reason! Go away! Second time in a week.

Just enjoyed 3 hours of Doctor Blake Mysteries. So tired. Back to work tomorrow. Ugh.

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