Friday, December 20, 2013

December 20, 2013

It's still windy. As usual, the weather man was wrong! Hopefully, it will die down by noon so I can paint! I won't get on a ladder when it's windy. But, I may just start painting the lower part of the back wall, just to get something done if it hasn't stopped blowing.

I'll be going to the post office to drop off all of the packages and cards I got ready yesterday. I still have to find one more address for a card.

Whew! That wind is cold! Got everything mailed. And, got 2 nice cards from my 2 best friends! :)

Now, I need to clean all my rubber stamps that I used to make the wrapping paper last night. Except, now, I can't seem to find the cleaner ... I need to tear my bedroom apart, I think ...

Finally got around to checking what is wrong with my mom's upright vacuum. It's always something with that damn thing. Every time she uses it (which is rarely ...) she complains about it. This time it was a broken belt. Luckily, I had a spare (that went to a different vacuum we used to have) that fit. Works fine now. Until the next time ...

Still can't find the rubber stamp cleaner or the headphones ...

100 jumps on the trampoline!

Chicken legs for lunch! And, cinnamon tea.

Gah! All my mom seems to ever know how to do is complain! Ezra doesn't like this, he won't eat that, should just let the damn cat starve. Blah, blah, blah! Then, she complains that Nikky is getting fat ... because she gives her Ezra's leftovers! Grrr.

Listening to another fantastic podcast interview with Daniel Vitalis: 

The wind did not co-operate. It didn't die down enough for me to go out to paint. So, I re-arranged my closet. Still didn't find the headphones, so I will just have to get another set ... Same with the rubber stamp cleaner ... :( But, my closet is organized and I got more things off the bedroom floor and put away. Found a few more things to list online when I get to them. Brought them out to my office. Now, to organize my office floor! I can barely move my chair. 

So much for my 'vacation'. I have a special service visit on Monday for one of my stores ... grrr.

I got all of my mailing supplies organized in the wall cabinets in my office. Still have some stuff to organize that's on the floor. Took out two 4 gallon bags of garbage. 

I joined a bunch of new swaps on swap-bot for the next month. Lots of crafting and de-stashing to come! But, I do have to be careful since the damn price of postage is going up AGAIN next month! .49c to mail a damn letter and .34c to mail a little postcard! Ridiculous!

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