Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013

Looks like it will be a nice afternoon to paint today. I just finished cleaning the floors and cabinets and now resting for a bit. Going to have milk kefir with potato starch, vanilla and maple syrup for lunch. I had water with potato starch when I got up this morning.

I got the painting done that I wanted to do! I got as far as the end of the awning (less about 2 inches as I didn't want to move the ladder again!) I'll take pictures tomorrow. I am tired. My bad shoulder was starting to hurt from reaching above me. Since I have to work tomorrow, I will be painting again on Wednesday. It is going to be really tricky to do, as the shed is so close to the wall. I'll most likely have to get on the shed roof to do part of it ... fun ...

I just finished foraging for the bunnies. They'll be having 'weeds' and sweet alyssum for dinner. I didn't want to use the gas to go to the co-op today just for a bunny box since I am going out tomorrow to work. I'll get a bunny box, milk and eggs in the morning on the way to work.

We are having chicken livers for dinner. I've never had them. I did not like calf liver, so I don't have real hope for this ...

OK. I was surprised. I kind of liked the chicken livers. I found a recipe for my mom that we had all the ingredients for and it was quick and easy: Chicken Livers And Apple Slices Recipe

Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai tea with milk. Yum.

The boys love their dinner. I think they could live on sweet alyssum if I let them! And, to think, the past couple of years I have been fighting to get rid of that damn invasive flower! It won and the boys enjoy the spoils! I think they fill up on the wild plants more than the veggies from the store. More nutrition in less volume. They usually have their dinner completely gone in less than 30 minutes. They ate about half and are done & asleep and will be able to nibble through the night. I need to clip more weeds in the morning for their breakfast before I leave.

Time for some hot chocolate and another Daniel Vitalis interview.

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