Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 1, 2014

Well, as in any new year, gotta get used to the new number. 2014.

Here's a good quote to start off the day:

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making're Doing Something. - Neil Gaiman

Boy, do I make a lot of mistakes! Hah!

My local WAPF chapter is having another 'butter buy' direct from a local creamery. I'm hoping to get into it this time. I haven't had the money when they happen the past couple of years since I joined the group. It only happens about 4 times a year. I hope to get at least 5 lbs. if I can join in with someone else in the group (they only come in 40-lb. blocks & no way I can get that much, sadly.) I have 2 weeks to come up with the extra cash to join in. I'd love to get a whole block, but no way I'll have enough cash to do that this time.

Auction: 12 various used USA stamps

It's been a nice, lazy morning. I got my paperwork ready for tomorrow (just one store scheduled,) listed a little auction and we are watching the BeeGees concert I listened to last night.

That was a fun concert!
Having a pint of kefir for lunch with potato starch, vanilla and maple syrup in it. Yum.

Second load of laundry running.

Three loads of laundry; changed my bedding; foraged for food for the bunnies' dinner; made more kefir.

I need to go to Home Depot this weekend and finally get the lighting for the kitchen. One of the fixtures blew out this morning. They all need new wiring, so rather than risk a fire, I'm just going to stop putting off replacing all of them. Along with the wiring on the old one in my bathroom.
Blurry picture, so you can't really tell that the socket is blown out. The light bulb had separated, too, but was able to unscrew it. This is in the corner of the kitchen.
Luckily, the glass is not shattered, as I want to keep it and the base of the fixture. Just want to re-wire it.
This is my bathroom fixture. It just needs to be re-wired. It matches that single fixture in the kitchen and I am going to wire it all so that the single is going to hang over my toilet - across from this one that is over my sink.
I hate fluorescent lighting. I can't wait any more to get rid of these and get some lights that actually work. As you can see, this one lights up (barely), but the other 2 on the line (you can see the one at the end of the room) do not at all.
This one never lights up, nor the one at the end (the ballasts are no good.) Not good for a kitchen to not have enough light.

So, the fluorescent fixtures are coming down completely and being replaced by some vintage-looking fixtures. Probably 6 of them in total. Only two will be wired into the house wiring. The others will have chains to plug-in when needed and be spaced around the ceiling in various spots.

Cinnamon Tempest tea with milk for a snack.

Having baked whole chicken legs, pomegranate arils in cream, milk with potato starch for dinner. Yum.

As usual, Daniel Vitalis has some excellent info on his blog. I actually have always done some form of squatting when I could. Even when my joint problems were at their worst. I squat quite often now; at least once a day. I've never been able to really get comfortable sitting 'normally' in a chair the way many people do. I can remember when I was a kid, sitting at the dinner table with one foot up on the chair and always getting in trouble for it - 'ladies don't sit like that!' Ugh. I still do it! Hah! As for the potty, I have a wooden box in front of my toilet (which I started using last year - the box, not the toilet - ;)), but it is only about 3 inches high, so I am hoping to get something higher this year.

I never did hear back from that glass straw company last month, after two emails asking for a replacement. Very disappointed in them. I have to find another company to get one from. I won't shop from them again.

Finally got my Desktop Weather program to work again.

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