Friday, January 10, 2014

January 10, 2014

I've been upset with myself for a few days so haven't blogged anything. I've really screwed up with my bills last month due to the 'shutdown' weeks in November & December with my work (which adds up to a month of no work ...) and my mom's Social Security getting cut last month. So, I am hundreds of dollars past due on about 3 bills, so far. And, no way I will catch up soon ... might even lose my internet & cable for a while ... not sure yet. Depends when my oil check shows up (most likely will be late due to the holidays ...) So, started looking seriously into a consolidated loan of some sort. Checked with one of my banks this morning. Will check with the other 2 tomorrow or Monday to compare. I have 3 credit cards (1 is mine, 1 is my mom's & 1 is joint) I want to eliminate that add up to about $12,000 (most of that from the damn water heater and furnace!) I only want to keep my Home Depot card for a while longer. And, I have no money for more gas to work Monday ... fun ... I may have enough to get a daily bus pass, but I have to go to several stores in Sacramento, so that will be hard.

Hmmm. I have about $20 in my PayPal I can transfer to my bank, so that will help for gas.

Well, I won't see that in my bank until Thursday ... damn.

Plus, I strained my wrist the other day, so I'm wearing one of my old braces. Don't know what the heck I did to it. So, no painting this afternoon since I can't hold the brush very well.

On good news, I have the Intro to Kombucha class at the co-op tomorrow. Luckily, I already paid for that.

I need to find a pawn shop ... huh, how odd. No pawn shops in Yolo County ... will have to go to one in Sacramento ... have to find the ring I always used to use in Florida when I needed money ... haven't pawned it in 13 years. Not sure where I put it ... hunting now. It was my aunt Juanita's diamond ring ...

Can't find it. Will have to think on where it could be around here ... I may have to go through grandma's jewelry and find something else.

Or, my mom's or my aunt Jeanne's ... but, I don't think any of them had any real diamonds like on that ring ...

I've listed a couple of things in my Bonanza shop:
Vintage Sterling Silver Rosary with bag
Beautiful Vintage Red Rosary with box
They were both my grandmother's. They are at least 50 years old. I have about 4 more I want to list. Another day.

I got some old cassettes listed:
 Auction: Soul Asylum Runaway Train Cassette Single - used
Auction: Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Cassette Single - used

Auction: Tracy Lawrence Alibis Cassette Album - used

I have about 10 more I want to list, but I'm done for the day. Need some tea and then dinner.

Dinner will be leftover chicken, and some tapioca pudding. My mom used the last of the milk and vanilla!! So, water with potato starch with dinner.

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