Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12, 2014

I got a free voucher in the mail yesterday to go to the big Home & Landscape Expo in Sacramento (at the CalExpo fairgrounds.) I just printed out the coupon for it. It is later this month. I've wanted to go to one of those for a while, so this was a nice surprise. It's for 2, so if my mom wants to go with me, she can.

It's foggy today. First noticeable fog of the season. It will probably burn off soon.

My wrist is still in pain, so no painting again this week ... still wearing the brace and used the last MSM cream. Switching to arnica later. Taking willow bark, too.

Huh. I just got invited to an art journaling group on Swap-Bot. So, I joined. I've never done it, but my friend Inger is really into it. Maybe I'll get inspired ...

Gotta finish making a button fairy for a swap today so I can get it mailed tomorrow. It's due tomorrow! And, I'm nearly out of stamps ... better find the buttons to match the wings and head ...

I also have an ATC I need to make that's due Tues.

My oil check better come this week ...

I finished the button fairy! I like how this one turned out. See it here: Vintage-style Butterfly Button Fairy 

Ugh! I've blown the fuse in my office 4 times today!!! And, I don't know what's doing it as I don't have anything extra plugged in or anything ... I may have to replace it ... figures, since I have no money!

Snacking on my last pine nuts and cacao nibs ...

I finally opened a account. What I'm going to do with it, I haven't decided yet ... but, I want to eventually get my blogs off of Google, so I'll probably shift them over there at some point. I hope to get a account later on, but have to decide on a host when I actually have some money ...

My mom has been on a Stargate-watching kick. She's watching the dvds all out of order, though ... She's watching season 1, but watching them all mixed up! ugh!

Eggs and buffalo cranberry sausage for dinner. And, water with potato starch.

Check this out: WATCH: After 46 Years Together, Grandfathers Tie the Knot

Shop QuinGem's Creations Little Online Shoppe for reusable canvas tote bags!

We have wind again! What is with this crazy weather. A nice calm breeze would be nice, but not this 15-20mph winds all day. But, I guess since I wasn't able to paint because of my wrist, it was alright today ...

Having chocolate maté tea with butter! I have no cream or milk, so this is the next best thing! I may try coconut oil next time. Mmm.

This wind is ridiculous. Just had a gust that shook the house! And, it is a cold wind ...

Finished the ATC and if can be seen here: Eli Bowen ATC

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