Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

I got the 3 stores serviced as planned today. Got home at a decent time. But, sadly, no oil check in the mail yesterday or today ... so, no work tomorrow since I don't have enough gas to get out of town and back ...
The weather is supposed to be nice again tomorrow. So, even though my wrist is still bothering me, I'm going to paint in the afternoon ... if the wind doesn't come back ...

I'm trying to decide what craft I want to take next Sunday to the craft circle. I did not like how the choker was turning out, so I will wait and re-do it when I have some waxed floss that's a little stiffer than the plain embroidery floss. I might go through some of my yarn later and get a small blanket started on my long scarf loom. We are running out of old towels and sheets for Robin and Sheriff to lay on. I change them out twice a day and wash them, so they're getting really holey ... So, I want to make a bunch of little blankets (about 18x24 inches) for them that have a fairly tight weave.


Auction: Jumbo Rubber Bands - 5

I think I found the craft I will take with me to make on Sunday. It's a simple baby blanket made with a fashion stitch. I'm also going to be making something simple for a baby's 2nd birthday present later this month. Searching for an idea now ...

OMG! I just found the perfect craft to make. A pompom rug! I have everything I need to make it, including the rug base! And, I already know the design I want to make on it. Her initial!

And, I found an old project on my vintage Straits loom that I can use as the start of a blanket for one of the bucks! I already had 2 squares done and 1 started. I probably started it ten years ago! I'll take some pics tomorrow.

I also found an old finished cross-stitch I'd made with a Hallowe'en design. It's cute! I need to frame it and put it up for sale ...

I have to go through my yarn tomorrow when I have more light.

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