Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 16, 2014

Well, I got a bit more money in my direct deposit from work than expected, so can get some food and gas and hay for the bunnies. Just hope my oil check is in the mailbox ...

My mom is in a better mood this morning, I guess. She's finally checked her blood sugar since starting on the potato starch and it is way down. (She lied to me the other night and said she had been testing and it was still higher than she liked ...) And, she's only taking 2 tablespoons at this point (working up to 4 T. soon.)

And, now, I'm having issues with the wiring on one of my walls. I think it is one of the sockets going out either in my bathroom or the bedroom wall it backs. So, can't use it right now ...

I am freezing this morning!

What a very long day! I did get my oil check ... but it was waaaay lower than it has been in a few years. Only $300. But, I got the Home Depot CC caught up so hopefully they will stop calling! And, I paid part of the utility. I'll pay more on that next week. I got home after 4 and I no sooner started on my paperwork than someone came to the door. And, it was not a bad thing (I hope!) It was a rep for the local dish network with a pretty good deal on a dish. So, we are switching to satellite for the TV, but I'll stick with Wave for my internet for now. I got the installation fee waived and a year of discounted TV with a 2-year contract. I'm not really thrilled with having a locked-in contract, but I can always change back to the cable after that time ... We'll get all the same channels we already have, too. And, possibly more. We'll be getting it installed on Sat. & get the complete channel line-up at that time.
Tomorrow looks to be an even longer day than today! So many resets, so little time!!! It will be a full 8-hour day tomorrow.

Getting some mailings packaged for tomorrow in a bit. Making tea now.

New White Collar tonight!

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