Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014

Whew! This crappy week is finally over! I should have a decent pay next week and be able to catch up on a couple of things. But, gas is still going to be a problem until Thurs. I have less than half a tank left ...
Tomorrow, we'll have the satellite guy coming to install the dish. I might be able to get some painting done, too, after I clean cages.
Sunday is the craft circle at the co-op.
Monday is a holiday, so I will get some more painting done then.
Back to work Tues.

Just started a crockpot full of bones for bone broth. We'll use some of it to make some lentils tomorrow. We are getting down to the dregs of what food we have left ... :(

Going to make some chia tea later ...

Load of laundry in the washer. I've gotten behind in my load a day (aside from the critters daily laundry) and have a mountain!

I'm going to cut more yarn for pompoms before dinner (broiled pork shoulder steak with broccoli! And, milk!)

Second load of laundry in the wash!

I made a postcard and an ATC for a couple of swaps & they are on my craft blog: I Love Tea Postcard & Above The Crowd ATC

I've pretty much downgraded what I am making with the pompoms, since I have such a short deadline ... I'm going to make a pompom pillow instead of a rug! Much more manageable in the short amount of time I have ... I think ... I'll still need to make about 63 pompoms!! Maybe I'll make my mom cut out all the 3-inch lengths for me! Ha!
Check out this holiday sale at QuinGem's Creations Little Online Shoppe!!

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