Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

OK. So, I went to Home Depot to get receptacles (sockets), switches, switchplates, & another light for that corner in the kitchen. Started working on replacing all of the sockets and switches in my bedroom, bathroom and the switch to that corner light. They are all on the same line, even though they are in 3 different rooms! The wiring grid of this place is nuts! Anyway, I bought a GFCI socket for my bathroom. I do believe I wired that one wrong, as still ... nothing works ... :( But, I am so tired, it will all have to wait for another day ... Luckily, one of my sockets in my bedroom is on another line, so I can still have light in my room from the hanging light plugged into that one. I replaced that socket, too, so I haven't forgotten how to do it right! But, I have never wired GFCI outlets before ... Only other thing, if I did do it right, I will have to replace the fuse for that line. If that doesn't solve the problem ... I'm screwed. I have re-wired walls in the past. I do NOT want to have to resort to that ... it is so not fun.

My mom is happy to have the power back on ...

I did not get to paint today ... :(

Have to get my paperwork ready for tomorrow ...

I am screwed this week ... same as last week, I'm short on gas until Thursday ... And, I am really not sure if I have enough gas to get to the stores I need to get done tomorrow in Sacramento ... I can scrape together about $5, so can get a gallon or so of gas, so that might get me there and back. I have about a 1/4 tank right now.

This is a great site for finding healthy, sustainable foods:

I'm finding some cool channels I've never seen before. I'm watching some old Roy Rogers series on FETV. Last night, the old comedies I watched were on HDNet TV. Nice to get something different once in a while. I still have what seems like hundreds of useless channels to lock out, though.

Wow. The Lone Ranger not played by Clayton Moore! It's John Hart. I don't remember these. Still had Jay Silverheels as Tonto, though.

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