Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 26, 2014

It's another nice day, but much cooler. We are getting a storm front moving in that will bring us rain by Thursday, supposedly. It's cloudy.
I just finished steam-cleaning the floors and vacuuming the cabinets. I don't want to do anything else today. So, just playing on the computer and listing a few things and then finishing my knitting project.
Auction: 10 Tea Bag Covers, plus 6 tea tags - for crafts - USED
Auction: 10 Bread Clips for crafts - used

Believe it or not, those little things that most would just toss in the trash do get bid on every time I list them! Surprises me, too.

Can't believe postage went up again, effective today ... .49c to mail a freakin' letter and .34c for a little postcard! Outrageous ... but, I am addicted to mail ... :\

I joined in a 30-day challenge for the flat-footed squat. I already do this daily, but it's a good reminder! The challenge is on Facebook here: 30/30 Challenge Squat It may take a few hours to have your request accepted, but you can still read the posts until then. Here's my pics I took for the challenge:
Nikky had to make sure I was doing it right! I was kind of tense. I can squat lower than that ...
I hate having my picture taken ... even by me ... :\

Listening to another Daniel Vitalis interview. Always good stuff! How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Hormone Health in 4 Simple Steps!

200 jumps on the trampoline and 5-minute squat on the trampoline. I had to stop because Nikky almost knocked me off!

So, now, I am squatting in my desk chair for about 20 minutes and that will be my 30 (or more) minutes for the day adding what I did earlier in the day.

Finally making time for some tea before I get to my knitting. Barley tea. I tried it a while back and really didn't like it. I think I may have steeped it too long, so trying for a shorter steep and hope it's not too strong. I'm going to add a cinnamon stick and butter.

Ugh. OK. I still don't like barley tea and I have 13 more bags of it ... blech. I even added sugar and it still tastes like coffee.

Ick. Even cold, it is awful. I think I will have to swap out the rest of them ... need to find some tea swaps ...

Great. I have a headache ...

Dang. I'm at the end of my scarf, but I need to find a crochet hook to finish it ... I've got probably dozens of them, but I don't feel like hunting for one right now. So, I'll have to finish it tomorrow after I get home from work ... :(

Well, the headache passed quickly, thank goodness. 

My first batch of kombucha will be done with the second ferment tomorrow! Can't wait to drink some! Just burped the bottles.

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